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Human beings get unique gifts from these creatures

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A kilo of coffee costs up to 1,000 euros. If the chivet cat eats the fruits of coffee

Ground Report | New Delhi: Nature also shows how amazing. Human beings get many useful things from many creatures of the earth, which cannot be made in any other way. See these creatures and their amazing gifts.


Silk worm gives humans very valuable silk. Before becoming an adult, this worm starts making silk fibers around it. Actually, this worm wraps itself in silk. It can make 3,000 meters long silk.

Creatures in beer too

Beware of pure vegetarian, help of other organisms is taken to make certain types of wine and beer. Fish bubbles are used to filter them.

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This particular species of ladybug gives a tremendous red color to the dye from the cochineal bug. Grinding the shell of this insect gives a red color to the food. This red color is also used in yogurt, jelly, ice cream or fish. If E-120th is written on the food box, then understand that you are eating a color made from cochineal worms.

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This turned out to be phosphorus

Birds’ beats also contain many explosives. Peruvian guano beats contain a lot of phosphorus. Its beet, which is found on the stones of the sea, is also used as fertilizer, explosives are also made from it. 

Coffee in its beets

Thinking even if you shrink the nose, but the stool of civet cat produces the world’s most expensive coffee. A kilo of coffee costs up to 1,000 euros. If the civet cat eats the fruits of coffee, the special enzymes present in its intestines change the middle of the coffee in such a way that delicious coffee comes out with feces.

Hardworking bee

The most common product from other organisms is probably honey. To make one kilogram of honey, bees need 30-40 lakh flowers. A colony of bees makes 20 to 30 kg of honey in a year.

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Trap will also work

There are parasites found in the eggs of spider and some other insects which help in weaving the net. Now research is also being done on the use of this web.

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Work moss

Sea moss is used to make eyeglass frames, toys, ATM cards and packaging materials. Moss also makes these products biologically decomposable.

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