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How to link Aadhaar with voter ID online

Ground Report | New Delhi: How to link Aadhaar with voter ID; A bill to link voter list data with the Aadhaar ecosystem was passed in the Lok Sabha on Monday. The Election Laws (Amendment) Bill 2021, moderated by Law Minister Kiren Rijiju, was passed by voice vote after a brief discussion during which some opposition members demanded that it be referred to a parliamentary panel for examination.

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How to link Aadhaar card and Voter ID card

  • 2. Log in using mobile number/voter ID number/email ID if you already have an account. Or, create an account.
  • 3. Enter your details such as name, date of birth etc and search for the entry.
  • 4. An option of Feed Aadhhaar Number will appear where you have to provide your Aadhaar details.
  • 5. Once done, click on submit to link your Voter and Aadhaar card.
  • 6. Hit the submit button. Also, don’t forget to cross check the details you have provided.
  • 7. Now, a message will appear on the screen stating that the application has been registered successfully.

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How to Link Aadhar with Voter ID Card by Contacting Booth Level Officers:

  • Fill up an application and share it with your nearest booth level office.
  • The Booth Officer will cross check the information entered by you and will come to your place for additional verification.
  • Once he is satisfied, the details will be entered and your Aadhaar will be successfully linked with your voter ID.

Opposition had objections to some provisions of bill. 

  • Linking of Aadhar Card and Voter Card– According to the existing law, the applicant has to go to the Returning Officer to get the voter card made. If the returning officer is satisfied with the given information, then the voter card is generated. Under the new provision, the returning officer can demand Aadhar card in this process. In this amendment, Aadhar card has not been made mandatory for making voter card or deleting name from voter list.
  • 2. Date of inclusion of name in the electoral list– Under the 1950 Act, the cut-off date for filing names in the new electoral list was January 1. Then the next year the list is revised. Under the new provision, the list will be updated four times a year- January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1.
  • Gender-neutral terminology– Under the 1950 Act, the wives of armed forces personnel or Indian employees posted abroad were treated as ordinary citizens of the country. The wives of armed forces personnel or personnel are allowed to vote at the polling station or with the help of postal ballot, even if they are not allowed to vote. In the new provision, the word ‘spouse’ has been written in place of the word ‘wife’.

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