How to book special trains? Check details of process and routes

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The central government had started special trains (labor trains) to reach the home state of migrant laborers, workers, tourists, students and others stranded in different parts of the country amid the Corona crisis and lockdown.

Who can go through these trains?

According to the Indian Railways, these trains are only for laborers, devotees, tourists, students and others who are stuck during lockdown away from their home-village. Such people will have to approach the state governments for traffic, only then they will be able to reach the destination.

Many people are confused about the special trains being run by the migrants in the lockdown, whether they can go to their homes by these trains or not, what will be done for this? Put away all your confusion and understand the whole process.

How will the approval for travel in labor special?

Workers will have to contact their state officials to go by special train. Railway officials said that the migrants should get information from the local police administration before reaching the railway station. Register After the application, the concerned officer will have the data ready. They will prepare the list and hand it to the railway later, on the basis of which the train will be allowed to travel. If without any application or if someone who is not in the list and reaches the station, then he will not be allowed to travel.

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Facility is available in these 14 cities

Aluva to Bhubaneswar

Nashik to Bhopal

Jaipur to Patna

Nashik to Lucknow

Hatia from Lingampalli

Kota to Hatia

Sabarmati to Agra

Thiruvananthapuram to Hatia

How to book special trains during lockdown?

If you want to go to your state, then workers can travel in special trains. For this, you must first contact the local administration and apply, after which the list of the nodal officers there will be prepared and submitted to the railways.

In simple words, you can apply to the local district administration, collector etc. where you are trapped. After this, you will have to reach the station from where the train will run. For this, the administration will make arrangements at its level.

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What is the ticket fare for Shramik special trains during lockdown?

The ticket fares would be borne by the respective state government and they would be charged the cost of a sleeper class ticket, a superfast charge of Rs 30, and a meals charge for Rs 20 per passenger.

The government has strictly told the passengers not to buy anything from the train, as the state governments would be co-ordinating for the fares on behalf of the passengers. For long-distance trains, the fare is inclusive of meals and water as well.

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