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How the Neuralink Company killed 15 Monkeys?

How the Neuralink Company killed 15 Monkeys

Ground Report| New Delhi: Neuralink Company killed Monkeys; Tech billionaire Elon Musk’s Neuralink is reportedly facing a legal challenge from an animal rights group. 15 out of 23 monkeys have died in Neuralink’s trial to link the human brain to a computer.  

Elon Musk who has his fingers in many pies announced his brain interface technology firm Neuralink planned to implement chips into the human brain by 2022.

The Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) last week filed a complaint about “inadequate animal care”. The San Francisco-based company aims to implant wireless brain-computer chips for patients suffering from neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s, dementia and spinal cord injuries and fuse humankind with artificial intelligence.

Neuralink stated,” All novel medical devices and treatments are given to the animals. We Absolutely committed to working with animals in the most humane and ethical manner.” 

The Post describes that one monkey was found missing some of its fingers and toes. The report says this may have been the result of “self-mutilation or some other unspecified form of trauma.” and facing many problems began vomiting, retching, and gasping. That monkey was eventually killed during a “terminal procedure.”

Neuralink claims they never force animals for the process. They released a video showing a monkey named playing the video game.

What is Neuralink?

The 27 million dollar tech aims to build an interface between the human brain and the computer. Neuralink was launched in 2016 to create a direct interaction with the computer. If this is successfully tested, it will help humans to control the devices from their minds irrespective of their physical abnormalities.  

Neuralink works by recording and decoding electrical signals from the brain using more than 2,000 electrodes implanted in regions of the monkey’s motor cortex that coordinate hand and arm movements.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), a nonprofit that focuses on saving and improving human and animal lives, filed a regulatory complaint this week. Insider and the New York Post both viewed drafts of the complaint.

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