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How Russian influencer Alina Fazleeva managed nude photoshoot at Bali temple?

How Russian influencer Alina Fazleeva’s managed nude photoshoot at bali temple?

A popular Russian influencer faces up to six years in prison and a fine of nearly $ 100,000 for posing naked in front of a sacred tree in Bali.

A photo taken by a 700-year-old weeping tree made of paper bark, known as Kai Putikh, shows yoga activist Alina Fazleeva posing naked at the base of a tree, her chest resting on the bark.

The photo, taken by her husband Andrei Fazleyev, was uploaded to Instagram and went viral, irritating the Balinese community.

The nude photo shoot caused outrage among locals, and now immigration officials are tracking down influential people.

Under the country’s strict laws, if a Russian influencer is found guilty, she faces a fine of £ 78,000 and six years in prison under the Information and Electronic Transactions Act (ITE).

Police declined to charge her with the crime, but turned her case over to immigration officials, who had a hard time seeing someone whom Buddhist-Hindu supporters called a “bad tourist.”

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Fazleeva boasted on social media about her nude photo shoot, saying she “heard the voices of her ancestors” when she hugged the bark and was “part of an endless chain.” (nude photoshoot at bali temple)

A self-proclaimed yoga post was recently discovered by an angry local and reported to the police. Alina Fazleeva apologized in her Instagram account in English and Indonesian, admitting that she “made a big mistake.”

“There are a lot of sacred places in Bali and not all of them have information signs about it, as in my case,” Fazleeva wrote. “And, it is very important to treat these places and traditions with respect.”

“There are many sacred places in Bali, and not all of them have information boards about it, as in my case,” she said. Bali Governor Wayan Koster has said his administration will no longer tolerate disrespectful tourists. (nude photoshoot at bali temple)

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Last year, nearly 200 people were deported from the island, some of them for violating Covid-19 protocols.

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