How red cross is helping Ukrainians?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Red cross is helping Ukrainians; As the conflict affects Ukraine, the Red Cross promises to continue supporting the most vulnerable. More than a million people have fled from Ukraine to neighbouring countries and even more are displaced within the country itself. As the fighting intensifies, so does the dire humanitarian situation and needs on the ground.

“The escalating conflict in Ukraine is taking a devastating toll. Casualty numbers continue to rise as health facilities struggle to cope. We are already seeing long-term disruptions to regular water and electricity supplies. Callers to our emergency line in Ukraine are in desperate need of food and shelter,” said ICRC Director-General Robert Mardini.

Mom Alona Yeskova, 33, hugging her daughters Miroslava, 5, and Sophie, 9, told me “We are safe, warm and have eaten well thanks to the Red Cross.”

The social media developer added: “We ran for our lives from Kharkiv and when we got here we didn’t expect any help. But for two days the Red Cross has fed us, given us blankets and given us the advice to get to Poland”. (Red cross is helping Ukrainians)

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Told that Sun readers are donating tens of thousands of pounds to the Ukrainian Red Cross campaign, she said: “It’s amazing what people are doing.”

Lviv, in western Ukraine, is a key westward transit hub for those fleeing the conflict. With men left to fight, mothers, children, the elderly and the sick join an exodus that already numbers 1.5 million.

Among a sea of bedding in a large room on the top floor of the station, Tania Gorla, 39, her daughter Milana, three, and grandmother Anna, 60, have the sad look of those tired of the war. They are also from Kharkiv, in northeastern Ukraine, where shelling has devastated the city centre and residential areas.

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Her voice cracking with emotion, kindergarten head Tania revealed: “We saw rockets hitting our city and our anti-aircraft systems hitting Russian planes. I think at first Milana thought it was a game. She was sitting on a pillow by the wall.”

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