How Publishers Vani, Rajkamal cheated famous writer Vinod K Shukla?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Vinod K Shukla cheated; Hindi poet and writer Vinod Kumar Shukla is known for his style that often borders on magic-realism said that two leading Hindi publishers Rajkamal Prakashan and Vani Prakashan cheated him.

Vinod Kumar Shukla said that Vani Prakashan is publishing new editions of his books despite his oral and written refusal. Vinod said, both Vani and Rajkamal published and distributed the e-books of his books without compromising about his e-books.

Journalist Ashutosh Bhardwaj tweeted “I didn’t know they were cheating me.” One of Hindi’s most-loved writers, Vinod K Shukla speaks against his publishers, Vani and Rajkamal, for paying less royalty. Vani has his 3 books, with a Sahitya akademi winner novel, plus 2 ebooks. Paid Rs 1.35 lakh in 25 yrs. 5k a yr.

Ashutosh wrote on Facebook, “But the saddest thing is that he has been writing to the publisher for six consecutive years ‘Don’t print my book’, ‘Don’t publish a new edition without my permission as it has many mistakes. Proof’. ‘I terminate the contract’ — but no hearing. To understand the anguish of the writer, read the 2019 letter: “I sent you a speed-post and an email with no new versions has been asked for. Not taking away my permission. In this regard, I also requested by phone, that you again deleted the new version. Before this, I have never been informed about the number of versions that have come out. I am sad about this. “They also say that there is no contract for e-books with publishers, but publishers still publish e-books.”

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He added, “But the saddest part is that I’m continuously writing to the publisher for six years ‘don’t print my book’, ‘don’t print a new edition without my permission because the proof has many mistakes’, ‘terminate my contract’— But no hearing.”

Vinod Kumar Shukla said that Rajkamal has given him around RS 67000 in four years from April 2016 to March 2020, i.e. seventeen thousand per year. Some of his books Kabhi Ke Baad Abhi don’t even appear in the royalty statement.”

Last year, two leading Hindi publishers Rajkamal Prakashan and Vani Prakashan paid 85-year-old Vinod Kumar Shukla a total of Rs 14,000 as royalty for the books. Actor and writer Manav Kaul shared this information on his Instagram account. Manav has described Vinod Kumar Shukla in his post as ‘the greatest writer of this country’.

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