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How phone numbers of Girls protesting for Hijab leaked from college?

Karnataka Muslim Girls number leaked; For the past month or so, Muslim students wearing Hijab have not been allowed to enter schools

By Ground report
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How number of Muslim Girls protesting for Hijab leaked from college

Ground Report | New Delhi: Karnataka Muslim Girls number leaked; For the past month or so, Muslim students wearing Hijab have not been allowed to enter schools and colleges in some colleges of Karnataka. At first, the school administration was against the scarf and later hardline Hindu organizations took to the streets to protest. 

Now, One of the student involved in the hijab controversy said that she has been receiving abusive calls throughout the day on Wednesday.

Karnataka Muslim Girls number leaked

According to a report of The Quint, 17-year-old Aliya Asadi of Government Pre-University College in Udupi came to know that her personal details including phone numbers, parents' names and home addresses were shared on WhatsApp groups in the district.

Aliya is one of six Muslim students of Udupi's Government Pre-University College for Girls who have been at the forefront of protests against the hijab being continued in educational institutions in Karnataka.

“I am not comfortable showing my face anymore. Already everyone knows how I look and where my home is. What if someone targets me?” she asked.

Aliya Asadi

Asadi said, "I love snakes so I want to be a wildlife photographer. Now I feel nobody cares about my ambition. Otherwise, why would they target us so much?" He accused BJP MLA Raghupati Bhat of giving a free hand to the college administration and students wearing saffron shawls.

“They made our fight for the hijab communal in nature, by supporting the opposition to the saffron dupatta. He inspired the students to wear saffron shawls. And now he has made unsafe not only college but also our homes,” alleged Asadi.

The admission forms of all the six girls were leaked from the junior college and they had messages online, in which the students were identified by their names and photographs.

There was a message from the college ledger, a PDF document and scanned copies of the admission form indicating that the leak had taken place from within the college.

Hijab controversy

The hijab controversy has now spread beyond the borders of Karnataka to the BJP-ruled states of Madhya Pradesh and Puducherry. A Madhya Pradesh minister has demanded a 'Uniform Dress Code' law for 'discipline' in schools.

Meanwhile, Puducherry authorities have asked the principal of a government school to investigate a teacher who has been accused of objecting to a headscarf inside the classroom.

Earlier in the controversy, the college administration had said that wearing a scarf or a burqa was a violation of the college dress code and hence students were not allowed to enter the class, while the students believed that the school rules and regulations were nothing like that. written. Hijab is their religious right, which is being forcibly stopped.

College students in Udupi first protested the hijab ban on December 31 and have been doing so ever since. All the girls attend the class but they are not allowed to enter the class. Because of this, she is studying sitting outside and at the same time protesting.

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