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How is Halloween celebrated in different countries around the world?

halloween across the world

Halloween is one of the favourite nights for many people since its gloomy atmosphere is very popular within the so-called ‘spooky season. And of course, each community has its own style of celebrating such a particular festivity. Let’s have a look how Halloween celebrated across the world.

Hallows’ Eve in Romania

Hallows’ Eve in Romania

Bran Castle, located in central Romania, is opened to the public during Hallows’ Eve. People party and dance here. It is believed that Dracula’s Castle was in Transylvania itself.

Bran castle offers visitors daytime and nighttime events. The Halloween Tour by Day, which takes place between 9 AM and 4 PM, costs EUR 14 for adults and EUR 6 for children. Kids under 7 years of age can enter for free.

Kawasaki Halloween Parade in Japan

Kawasaki Halloween Parade in Japan

The Kawasaki Halloween Parade is organized in Japan in which more than 4000 people dressed in scary costumes to participate. Booking for this parade starts 2 months in advance. Kawasaki Halloween Parade has been celebrated since the 1990s.

Halloween is a new holiday in Japan and the country is embracing the Western tradition and adding its own influence. Because there are other holidays in Japan meant to celebrate the deceased, including Obon, trick-or-treating is not as popular.

Samhain Celtic Festival in Ireland and Scotland

Samhain Celtic Festival in Ireland and Scotland

It is believed here that on the day of Halloween, evil spirits come to the physical world for a day, people desguise themselves from evil spirits. This is the most famous tradition in the Western world, it is known as the Celtic Festival of Samhain. After this people start preparing for winters.

Ognissanti of Italy

Ognissanti of Italy
This is the beautiful little flower filled hamlet cemetery at La Foce, Val d’Orcia in 2007. Source:

Ognissanti literally means all Saints Day. It is celebrated in Italy on 1-2 November. It is believed that on this day the souls of the dead come to visit their relatives. In such a situation, people decorate the graves of their ancestors on this day and keep food for them outside the house.

Mexico’s Dia De Los Muertos

Mexico's Dia De Los Muertos

Day of the Dead (Dia De Los Muertos) is a two day holiday that reunites the living and dead.

It is also believed that on this day the souls of the dead come home. For this, picnics are done around their graves. Families create ofrendas (Offerings) to honor their departed family members that have passed.

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Guatemala’s Giant Kite Festival

Guatemala's Giant Kite Festival

People in Guatemala celebrate this festival by flying big kites in the cemeteries. The kites represent ancestral symbology and contemporary social issues.


it is very common for people to go out in costume and party at the same time that many different establishments dress up for the occasion. In some areas, trick-or-treating has become widespread, but it has never had the same impact as in America.


In Germany, as in all European countries, this holiday is becoming more and more popular among its inhabitants. The tradition is to dress up with a scary theme, imitating characters from scary movies. In addition, people often get together for dinner with friends and family while children trick-or-treat among neighbours. A curiosity is that that night they keep all the knives in the house so as not to harm the spirits that are returning.

United States

It is without a doubt the country in which the Halloween party is most celebrated. For Americans it is a party enjoyed by both children and adults, everyone dresses up in the best and most varied costumes. In some states they have amazing undead parades through the streets. But without a doubt the best-known tradition that has been transmitted to other countries is the collection of candies. The children go door to door with the famous “trick or treat”. In addition to this, each area or state has its particularities.


In countries like France, the Halloween tradition has been established a few years ago, like here in Spain. It is a holiday that we have adopted from the USA and that is becoming more important and celebrated more and more. In the case of France, children dress up and do the already famous “Trick or treat” through the neighbours’ houses. On the other hand, what adults do is dress up as horror characters, have meetings and theme parties and do typical Halloween things like watching scary movies and decorate houses.


In this country, Halloween is a celebration almost exclusively for children. Much importance is given to the gastronomic side, it is typical to eat vanilla and chocolate eyes, witch elixir, witch fingers and other types of food not suitable for the squeamish. One of the most curious things that is done in London is the celebration of the London Zombie Walk, a parade where thousands of people in disguise walk the streets of the capital. During the development of the parade, the participants visit different pubs in the city where they can taste different dishes and cocktails with a Halloween theme.

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In Australia, it is also a tradition that is spreading more and more. The streets are decorated and ghost tours are made through abandoned houses or “cursed” or “haunted” places. Everyone dresses up, children go door to door collecting sweets and adults have themed parties. In Australia, it is also very typical to decorate houses and gardens with elements such as spider webs, pumpkins and special effects. In addition, in the parks, they usually show horror movies and there are scary activities and readings.


In Canada, the decoration of houses and gardens is very typical. Every year there is a real competition between the neighbours to see who can best decorate their house. Costume parties are also organized for both children and adults. The most typical activities are watching scary movies or the children doing the famous “trick or treat” to collect candy in the neighbourhood. As for gastronomy, packages of sweets decorated with Halloween symbols, caramel apples, roasted corn and pumpkin pie are typical.


In China, the Qingming festival, held in early April, is the festival reserved for celebrating the deceased. The event, which is also known as Tomb Sweeping Day, attracts Chinese people to literally sweep and clean the graves of their loved ones. The act is considered one of the most respectful acts that can be performed to honour the deceased.

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