How did Russian Colonel Denis Kurilo got Killed?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Denis Kurilo Russian Colonel; An eighth Russian colonel has died in Ukraine in another devastating blow to Vladimir Putin’s faltering invasion that has seen the loss of many high-ranking officers.

Kyiv said it had “eliminated” Colonel Denis Kurilo, commander of the 200th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade, who led Russia’s bloody assault on Kharkov, where he was killed in action.

The 1st Battalion-Tactical Group of one of the most elite brigades of the Russian Army in the Victory War against Ukraine was personally led by the brigade commander of the 200th Brigade, Colonel Denis Kurilo. The invaders were equipped with the most modern weapons that Russia normally possesses.

A Ukrainian imperfect mechanized battalion “Multiply by Zero” captured by “Invincible”

“One of our unfinished mechanized battalions defeated the brigade in one-on-one combat. Now, this military equipment has replenished the composition of a brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And the battalion is already replenished in the state with inspired reservists, who are brought into positions on especially captured Russian KAMAZ vehicles to develop combat traditions of superiority over the Russian invaders,” Butusov said.

The commander of the 200th separate motorized rifle brigade was Colonel Denis Kurilo. In the War of Victory against Ukraine, Kurilo personally led the 1st Battalion-Tactical Group of one of the most elite units in the Russian Army. The invaders are said to have had access to Russia’s most advanced weapons.

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Russian airstrikes on several Ukrainian cities are still continuing, with air raid sirens heard just before dawn on Tuesday, March 29. Ukrainian authorities say Russian attacks have closed roads leading to some cities.

Ukraine claims that Russian troops have been expelled from the city of Arpan, on the outskirts of the capital, Kyiv. Russia has taken control of the city, but says “there is still fighting and it would be premature to talk about security in this part of the region.”

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