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Home ยป How dangerous type 054 warship that Pakistan got from China?

How dangerous type 054 warship that Pakistan got from China?

How dangerous type 054 warship that Pakistan got from China

Ground Report | New Delhi: How dangerous is 054 warship; Chinese state media “Xinhuanet” reported that China Shipbuilding Corporation delivered a 054A/P frigate built for Pakistan on the 8th, and Pakistan named it “PNS Tughril” (PNS Tughril). China’s move to build a ship for Pakistan is seen as placing a hidden stake behind India and strengthening military cooperation with India to help its rivals.

How dangerous is 054 warship

According to understanding, China will build four Type 054 frigates for Pakistan, and the “Tuchril” is the first ship among them. According to Xinhuanet, the 054A/P is developed from China’s most advanced Type 054A frigate. Equipped with anti-ship, air defense, anti-submarine and powerful detection functions, it can complete multiple naval war missions simultaneously in a highly tense multi-threat environment. The second 054A/P was launched on January 29 this year.

The People’s Liberation Army Type 054A missile frigate has 30 ships in active service, with a full load displacement of more than 4000 tons, using diesel power, four aircraft, double propellers, and double rudders. The maximum speed is not less than 28 knots, the cruising speed is 18 knots, the endurance is 4000 nautical miles, and it is self-sufficient for 15 days. . The 054A/P type exported to Pakistan has not been clearly disclosed equipped with radar and weapon systems.

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At present, the Pakistani Navy’s main ships include 1 American-made Perry-class frigate, 4 Chinese-made F-22P frigates, 4 British-made 21-type frigates, 2 Dutch-made OPV 1900 frigates, and 5 French-made Austrian frigates. Gusta-class submarines, a Chinese-made 905 supply ship, and a Pakistan-made Moawen-class supply ship. In the future, there will be orders for 4 Chinese-made 054A/P frigates, 4 Turkish-made island-class frigates, and 8 Chinese-made S20 submarines waiting to be delivered.

Difficulties, but still delivered on time

China Shipbuilding Corporation introduced to us that the Type 054A/P frigate was independently researched and built by China. It is equipped with the latest combat system, put into use the most advanced weapon system so far, and is equipped with a complete sensor system and Management system.

It is not easy for China to deliver the frigate on time this time. When the ship was built, it was catching up with the outbreak of the coronavirus. This largely affected the construction process of the frigate, but China overcame the negative impact of the epidemic and finally caught up with the delivery deadline. (How dangerous is 054 warship)

The completion of the construction of the Type 054A/P frigate proves the success of China’s “three-in-one” equipment research and development model, which includes the development ideas of top-level research, overall design, and assembly and construction. This also marks China’s major breakthrough in the field of independent research and development of ships, and also points out the direction for the development of China’s construction equipment technology, and will promote China’s development in the development of export ships.

Although the virus is coming violently, China State Shipbuilding Corporation and the China Shipbuilding team completed the project together, and the frigate was successfully delivered. This also reflects China’s strong strength in the research and development of naval vessels. The independent design and construction also embodies the spirit of Chinese craftsmen.

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India’s Navy “maintains significant

Tom Waldwin, a naval expert at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, said the Type 054A/P ships “will be a vast improvement over what Pakistan acquired in the 1990s. The Type 21 will now undergo decommissioning.”

However, he said, India’s navy “maintains a significant number and capability advantage over Pakistan” despite its own programs facing “significant delays” and spread-out deployment of the service to several coastal areas.

In addition, the “potentially more lucrative Indian market” turned European, Russian, and US firms away from supplies to Pakistan, essentially forcing Islamabad to depend on Beijing for defense equipment, he said.

While this could hinder Pakistan’s ability to acquire state-of-the-art defense equipment, Waldwin said the delivery of eight Type 039B Yuan/Hanger II-class submarines “will expand the fleet and provide a significant capability improvement, especially if They are fitted with long-range cruise missiles.”

Referring to Pakistan’s tests of submarine-launched Harbah nuclear-capable cruise missiles, he said their entry into service would be “far more important to strategic balance than a handful of new warships.”

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