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How Author Vikram Seth was scammed by Amazon?

How Author Vikram Seth was scammed by Amazon?

Vikram Seth most celebrated Indian author was “scammed and stonewalled by Amazon. The author of A Suitable Boy, in a piece published in a national newspaper, and shared by his sister Aradhana Seth on Twitter “My brother, the writer Vikram Seth, was recently scammed by Amazon. It is appalling and here’s the story in his words.”

Author Vikram Seth has ordered 10 bamboo bookcases from Amazon, paying Rs 9,990 in total. A few days later, he received a message from Amazon informing him of the OTP that he needed to share with the delivery man when receiving the bookcases. But when the Amazon driver arrived at his house, Seth was surprised to see that he only had one bookcase instead of the 10 he had ordered.

“The driver told me this happened often, that deliveries were split,” Seth wrote. The driver convinced him to share the OTP and accept the single bookcase, as he was told the remaining nine would be delivered separately.

He further wrote “I waited for the other nine bookracks. They did not arrive!”

Vikram even reached out to Amazon customer service “I decided to find out what had happened. I texted the amazon customer service line. I have been on this service line several times in the last two weeks, trying to my increasing frustration, to get delivery to these 9 undelivered bookracks. I have been in chats with at least half a dozen representatives”

Vikram Seth later asked to be put in touch with someone at a higher level and was eventually connected with someone from Amazon’s leadership team, he wrote.

The senior team member just reiterated what Seth had been told thus far: that his order had been delivered in its entirety and that Amazon couldn’t help him with another 9 bookcases, and wouldn’t issue a refund either.

The author added that “Amazon has: 1. wasted my time, 2. pocketed my money, 3. not delivered goods, 4. destroyed my trust in them,

“What was so idiotic and infuriating about this whole process was that they punctuated their blatant refusal to accept that I had been scammed or suffered any loss or injury with comments like ‘I’m sorry this happened and ‘No one should suffer such an instance of disappointment. I fully understand how you must feel. Our top priority is to always put a smile on your face,’” Seth recounted.

He concluded his article by saying that the “extremely unfair” incident should serve as a warning to other Amazon customers. The e-commerce giant he criticized for wasting his time, pocketing his money, and not delivering the products he ordered, all while questioning his integrity.

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