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Horse Kicks Launches Custom Equine Sneaker for Horses

Horse Kicks Launches Custom Equine Sneaker for Horses

Horse Kicks is exactly what it sounds like: a horseshoe for horses. Created from such popular human models as Air Jordan or Yeezy Boost, each pair sells for 1,200 euros or even more.

With a few notable exceptions, horseshoes have remained largely unchanged for hundreds of years, but that’s about to change thanks to sneaker transformation expert Marcus Floyd.

By disassembling and reassembling the pieces of the shoe, in his workshop in Lexington, Kentucky (USA), Floyd has created several equine sports shoes that retain the most representative elements of the Air Jordan or the NewBalance 650.

Sneaker for Horses

On his Instagram account, @infinitekustomz, Floyd posted several images of full-size sneakers alongside ones the size of a horse. “These are wearable art designed on top of a medical horse boot and covered in repurposed slippers,” Floyd wrote. She also listed the shoes in the images: Court Purple Jordan 1, New Balance 650, and Yeezy Boost 350. These appear to be the shoes from Horse Kicks’ debut collection, which will be donated and auctioned off during Sneaker Ball Lex.

“One of the craziest collaborations to date for me,” Floyd wrote. “It was a stupid process trying to figure out what a sneaker would look like while wearing as much of the ‘REAL’ shoe as possible.”

From October 24, the Horse Kicks will be available in the company’s online store, with prices starting at 1,200 euros a pair and increasing according to the complexity of the transformation.

One commenter wrote on an Instagram post about Horse Kicks by Complex. “Imagine a horse roll up on you with better shoe game than you,” wrote another. The shoes are fun, but if you don’t have a wad of cash to drop on your horse for the holidays, something tells me he may just be fine with a bag of carrots.

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