Horrific War Crimes of Russia in Ukraine so far

Ground Report | New Delhi: The bodies of at least 13 dead civilians were found along a highway leading out of the capital as Ukrainian personnel gained access to the area after Russian soldiers left this week. Nearby, other bodies had been booby-trapped to jeopardize recovery efforts,a Horrific War Crimes of Russia in Ukraine, the Mail Online reported.

Olena Halushka, a member of the anti-corruption group in Ukraine, said Russian forces mined some bodies before withdrawing.

As Western journalists are increasingly able to accompany Ukrainian troops advancing near Kyiv now that Kremlin troops have withdrawn from the area, more evidence of war crimes by Putin’s soldiers, in particular, is being unearthed. the attack and murder of civilians.

Images from Irpin on Friday showed soldiers and volunteers carrying body bags down a dilapidated stretch of road. About a dozen bodies were enclosed in black plastic bags, lined up on concrete and loaded into pickup trucks.

The northwestern suburban suburb of Kyiv, which had been a major battleground for weeks, is now back in Ukrainian hands, a wasteland littered with burned-out tanks. Now that Ukrainian forces have pushed Russia out of the region, work can begin to collect the dead.

Only now is he realizing the true scale of the devastation in the city.

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A BBC investigation found 13 bodies on a 200-yard stretch of road leading into Kyiv from the west, some 5 miles south of Irpin.

Only two of the dead were wearing recognizable Ukrainian military uniforms, and two were confirmed to be Ukrainian civilians killed by Russian troops.

The young couple, Maksim Iowenko, his wife Ksejna and his six-year-old son were part of a 10-car convoy driving down the highway when they were attacked by a Russian tank crew on March 7.

Heartbreaking footage captured by an aerial drone showed Iowenko stopping the car and standing up with his hands above his head.

Despite the obvious surrender, Russian troops out of sight shot him dead in broad daylight.

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