Horrific Story: Russian troops shot dead disabled woman

The horrific story of a Ukrainian woman who accuses of having been raped for hours by soldiers of the Russian troops. While Ukraine is concerned about the horrific nightmare of rape, torture and murder in Bucha, new horrific allegations of Russian brutality surfaced yesterday.

Executed priest. The man undressed naked and was robbed under the barrel of a weapon. And then a 77-year-old disabled grandmother Svetlana Mykolayivna was shot dead in her home.

According to Mirror.co.uk, on the outskirts of Ivankov, 50 miles north of the capital, an elderly man contemptuously told us: “Come in, if you want – our lives and our community are destroyed. ”

On the road north of Kyiv, Russian T-72 tanks, torn to an impossible shape, litter the roads every few miles with smashed and sewn cars.

As we walk away from the dead body, an elderly man, who tells everyone he is looking for his grandson, approaches him and gets on his knees to take a closer look before taking a picture of him.

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It is difficult to know whether he was afraid to find his grandson or whether he enjoyed the death of one of his current and deeply despised enemies.

It is a city that has just opened to journalists, and its locals are happy to communicate, probably in shock.

77-year-old disabled Ivankivka grandmother Svitlana Mykolayivna woke up on the night of the second day of the invasion when Russian troops smashed the wall of her bedroom with 40-mm tracer cartridges.

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