How to Find the Best Online Casinos in India?


Online Casinos in India : Ready to play online casino games in India? Congratulations—online gambling is a fun way to spend your free time. For some, it’s a potential career path through which you can become financially independent. Now, the journey to become a successful online casino player begins by looking for a reliable casino. … Read more

What Makes Fairplay Stand Out?

Whether you want to play international versions of poker or a local flush game of Teen Patti, Fairplay is the platform to invest in Fair play is an excellent choice for anyone interested in sports betting. After a successful introduction in India in 2021, it has since expanded throughout Asia and the rest of the … Read more

How did a 16-yr-old Britisher become a millionaire with help of hacking?

How did a 16-yr-old Britisher become a millionaire with help of hacking?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Lapis group Hacking millionaire; A 16-year-old boy from Oxford, UK, has been accused by authorities of being one of the leaders of a cybercrime group called Lapsus and has amassed more than $14 million through hacking. He has City of London police said that they have arrested seven youngsters belonging … Read more

Which countries are best at Wordle?

Which countries are best at Wordle

Ground Report | New Delhi: Best countries Wordle; Wordle has become one of the games of the moment. It has a very simple dynamic: the goal is to guess a five-letter word each day and the user has six chances to do so, writing five-letter words at random on a table. If you hit the … Read more

Zhongli, Why everyone is talking about this game?

Zhongli, Why everyone is talking about this

Ground Report | New Delhi: Zhongli game; The Genshin Impact community seems silenced or upset by the release of Zhongli, the game’s most anticipated new character to date. In short, he seems to be underpowered, and that’s not what you want to see in an extremely rare 5-star hero that can cost up to $350 … Read more

What is Quordle, take on the viral brainteaser Wordle?

What is Quordle, take on the viral brainteaser Wordle?

Ground Report | New Delhi: What is Quordle; Wordle is a new viral internet game, which emerged in 2022, where the user is presented with a 5 letter challenge in the old style of the hangman game. Now WORDLE lovers have found their new daily word puzzle solution: Quordle. What is Quardle? Quordle is a … Read more

Se* parties hosted on children’s game Roblox

Nazi sex parties hosted on children's game Roblox

Ground Report | New Delhi: Roblox game se*; A woman dressed in special excitement is being chained to a na%ed man wearing only a dog leash and taken to the floor in a very commanding manner. Nearby, two semi-nude women are dancing in front of a bar counter. At the same time, some people standing in the … Read more

Hero Start-Ups and An Emerging Industry to Watch for In the Casino Industry

Casino : Every year, numerous new businesses spring up across the world. This is due to professionals across different industries making moves to revive the global economy following the 2019 pandemic. They have come up with new ideas and innovations, and this trend has been rising in 2021. Reports from Financial Express showed that between … Read more

Wordle: the game phenomenon has a new owner

Wordle the game phenomenon has a new owner

Ground Report | New Delhi: Who is the new owner of the Wordle game; Wordle, the online word game of the moment, was purchased on Monday, January 31 by the New York Times. The newspaper said it had paid a “seven-figure” sum to acquire the game, which despite itself had become the direct competitor of … Read more

Top five online casino games

online casino games

After the harsh phase of Covid people is scared to leave their houses. In a situation like this everybody needs a good time pass, to change and make their mood light people are always attracted to card games. But do you think that playing your favorite card game can let you earn real good money? … Read more