Trout fish seeds once brought from abroad, now flourishing business in Kashmir

Trout fish seeds once brought from abroad, now flourishing business in Kashmir

The trout fish business is gaining momentum in Kashmir. The demand for fish eggs being raised here is also increasing in other parts of the country. Trout fish are cold-water fish and are being farmed in the hilly areas of the country.  Kashmiri trout has none of the sponginess found in trout from polluted streams and industrial … Read more

Know about dust layer on snow in many parts of Kashmir

Know about dust layer on snow in many parts of Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir’s meteorological department said that the yellow snowfall in north Kashmir yesterday was due to dust carried by winds from Pakistan and Afghanistan. The snowfall in northern Kashmir was shallow with a layer of dust. The dark surface of the snow is caused by a layer of dust. Other layers of dust can … Read more

Bhaukhedi: More than 180 homes demolished for a road, no compensation offered


As you enter Bhaukhedi Village situated in Ichhawar Tehsil, 52 km from Bhopal city, you see the debris of broken houses everywhere. A 52-foot road is being constructed from the center of the village to connect Ichhawar directly with the Indore-Bhopal highway. Due to this road, about 180 houses have been demolished on the grounds … Read more

Cost of Development: Almond Farmers losing land in Kashmir

Rising pollution in Kashmir: Urbanization, Shrinking of Green Spaces major reasons

In recent decades, anthropogenic changes in the earth’s climate have become the focus of scientific and social attention. The rigorous process exists for a reason. Kashmir’s paddy fields have already been destroyed by brick kilns and almond orchards on karewa (high plateau) lands have been wasted due to clay mining. Now almonds– a scenic are … Read more

MP’s Kheoni sanctuary seeks more resources for biodiversity conservation

Kheoni wildlife sanctuary eco tourism and controversy

Read in Hindi | In the year 2019, for the first time, 5 tigers were captured in the night vision camera installed in Kheoni Sanctuary located in Dewas district, in which two adult females, one male, and 2 cubs were seen. Since then, there was talk of developing Kheoni Sanctuary for tourism like other wildlife … Read more

Climate Change: Why are Kargil Villages facing drought like situation?

Climate Change: Why Kargil Villages are facing like situation?

In Ladakh, most of the Kargil villages are suffering from a drought-like situation. Most villages rely on glacial or spring water for irrigation and drinking water needs, which have been affected by depleting glaciers and the drying of spring water. Kargil Villages facing drought The Union Territory Administration has been working to find alternative scientific … Read more

Maharana Pratap’s Samadhi is in the state of destitute 

maharana pratap samadhi udaipur

Udaipur, the city of lakes, is the pride of the historic Mewar kingdom. One of the most revered rulers was the Maharana Pratap. The title ‘Rana’ is bestowed on the brave warrior. The valour of Pratap was unprecedented, and he fought numerous battles. Hence, he was called ‘Maharana’. While the Rajput take great pride in … Read more

Look at the poor drainage system in Tinsukia district, Assam

tinsukia poor drainage system

Water supply and demand imbalances have become more severe as a result of population expansion, urbanization, socioeconomic development, and other factors. This is particularly a major concern in emerging nations like India. Water distribution has always been an issue in India. And, in recent years it has intensified due to climate change bringing frequent droughts … Read more

Ground Report: Underdeveloped roads and footpaths in Tinsukia Town

Tinsukia Underdeveloped roads ground report

India has been growing rapidly since the last decade. The country has been doing very well in fields like education, industrialization, infrastructure, health, and agriculture. But, there are still certain areas where the country is lagging behind. And, one of them is the condition of the roads. According to Worldhighways, around 30% of India’s population … Read more

Sarbal a village in Kashmir buried in snow, How do people live here?

Sarbal a village in Kashmir buried in snow, How do people live here?

Even in the 21st century, the remote village of Sarbal in the Ganderbal district of central Kashmir lacks all basic facilities, and the locals face many difficulties in daily life. Kashmir’s Sarbal village remains cut off from the rest of the country for months during winters. Basic facilities such as schools, electricity, etc., have not … Read more