E-rickshaws are popular in Assam but maintenance is high

e rickshaw maintenance is high in assam

Electric rickshaws or e-rickshaws have been leading the transition to electric vehicles and have been popular in most parts of the world since 2008. E-rickshaws were first introduced in Assam in 2014 after the amendment under the Motor vehicles Rules of 1989 by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways 2014. Three-wheeler EV sector in … Read more

Kashmir’s climate-resilient homes: A sustainable and cultural Heritage

Kashmir's climate-resilient homes: A sustainable and cultural Heritage

Kashmir’s climate-resilient homes refer to traditional homes in the region that have evolved over centuries to adapt to the harsh winters, hot summers, and heavy rainfall in the area. These homes typically use locally-sourced materials and techniques that are well-suited to the local climate, such as wood, mud, and stone construction, and ventilation systems that … Read more

How retreat of Machoi glacier impacting lives in Kashmir?

The Himalayan glaciers, which act as vital water reservoirs for nearly two billion people in South Asia, have undergone significant changes in recent decades, posing a threat to the water supply and safety of the entire Indian subcontinent. The melting of glaciers in the Kashmir Himalayas, in particular, is occurring at an alarming pace. The … Read more

Solar cities in India: Sanchi will not be a Modhera-like solar city

slow work in sanchi solar city project

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has promised to make the heritage town Sanchi a fully solar-powered city by May 2023. But when the Ground Report team reached Sanchi in February, no work could be seen in the city except the campaign posters of Solar City. However, officials of the Electricity Department say that we will … Read more

“Give Plastic, Take Gold” initiative in Sadiwara village of Kashmir

sadiwara village in kashmir plastic free

In a far-flung village called Sadiwara in South Kashmir’s Anantnag District Jammu and Kashmir has taken a unique approach to tackle the problem of plastic waste by launching an initiative called “Give Plastic, Take Gold”. This program is designed to encourage residents to bring in plastic waste in exchange for gold coins. To implement this … Read more

Muhammad Yasin’s ‘Bird Forest Resort’ in Kashmir hosts migratory birds

Bird resort in Kashmir

Kashmir has several bodies of water including Dal Lake where a large number of migratory birds come and spend their time in different parts of the lake which is an attraction for bird watchers and nature lovers alike. The new ‘Bird Forest Resort’ located near the world-famous Dal Lake in Srinagar. Built by Muhammad Yasin, … Read more

Hathiya Kheda: Four villages in MP waiting for roads

hathiyakheda village sehore madhya pradesh is in bad condition

Read in Hindi | Elections are to be held in Madhya Pradesh in November this year. The ruling party BJP is taking out a Vikas Yatra in every village and city. The MLAs are going to their respective areas to promote the work done and are promising to complete those which are yet to be … Read more

A ride in the mountains: driving in India still remains a male job

women drivers in india story of Anjali Rawat from pinglo village uttrakhand

When society determined the work of boys and girls, then the name of the girl was erased from every work that creates a sense of self-reliance and independence. Driving a vehicle is one such job, it not only gives a person speed but also gives freedom to take decisions at every moment, the driver’s decision … Read more

Karewa land: Nature’s blessing to Kashmir is in danger

Karewa land: Nature’s blessing to Kashmir is in danger

Karewa (elevated table-land) in Kashmir is under threat due to the construction of infrastructure in the region and climate change. The karewas are an important ecological and geological feature of the Kashmir valley, formed over millions of years by sedimentation and erosion. Known as karewa, these plateaus are 13,000 to 18,000-meter-thick deposits of alluvial soil … Read more

Mystic Dal Lake turning into a swamp lake due to pollution

Mystic Dal Lake turning into a swamp lake due to pollution

The pristine-looking Dal Lake, one of the main attractions for tourists coming to Jammu and Kashmir, is slowly turning into a swamp due to rising pollution levels in and around the famous lake. The lake is slowly turning into a “weed-clogged swamp” one environmentalist says could have a negative effect on tourism in the state. … Read more