West is Falling, Time to shake hands with Russia and China?

west is falling

Russia has invaded Ukraine, the sounds of explosions are coming from the cities of eastern Ukraine. Ukraine’s foreign minister told the world that there are explosions in many cities, Putin has declared war. We will face it firmly. Russia has warned that if any power comes between Ukraine and Russia, the consequences will be dire. … Read more

Is BJP losing UP after two-phase voting, what trend says?

BJP losing UP after two-phase voting?| OPINION| Two phases of polling have been held in UP, the voting percentage in both the phases has been less as compared to last year. Yogi Adityanath has appealed that people should go to vote as much as possible. Although the current government benefits from a low voting percentage, … Read more

Decoding Hijab Politics

Decoding Hijab Politics

Ground Report | New Delhi: “If Saraswati puja of Hindus and turbans of Sikhs are allowed in Indian educational institutions then why is Hijab of Muslims being targeted? ” According to Article 14 of the Indian constitution: The state shall not deny to any person equality before the law. It implies that the right to … Read more

Power Cut-Off and Winters in Kashmir

Power Cut-Off and Winters in Kashmir

Ground Report | New Delhi: Power Cut-Off and Winters in Kashmir; And here again, winters arrive, marking the beginning of the power shut down in Kashmir. With the arrival of the frozen season, the parameter which adds to the plight of people is the continuous power cut–off. Sooty, cold rooms, desolate roads, barren shops, and … Read more

Indian media is a slave to the ruling class, Do you know why?

Indian media : The job of the electronic media should be to make people aware, but due to TRP, news channels nowadays prefer to present any news in a sensational way and this is a worrying situation.  Looking at the news circulating in Indian newspapers and electronic channels, it is not difficult to understand that … Read more

JEE and NEET are not the END

JEE and NEET is not the END!

Ground Report | New Delhi: JEE and NEET are not the END; Students, who are struggling with competitive entrance exams, who are dropping year after year to qualify it, who are desperately waiting for their results to be out, who are preparing themselves mentally and academically to give JEE and NEET. This tagline is for … Read more

“Childhood Memories”

Childhood Memories

(There was a paper boat on the shore It was fun to play, the heart was wandering Why are you in this swamp of wisdom? Even that immature childhood was so lovely ) Khazran Khan | Ground Report Every one of us grows with dreams in our eyes and a lot of beautiful fantasies. We love to … Read more

Pakistan’s Victory & Indian Fans!

Pakistan’s Victory & Indian Fans!

This article is not meant to hurt the sentiments of Indian fans, but to make them realise that losing is just a part of the game. It should not be taken too seriously and personally that later it leads to harming others, violating rules, and assaulting students. Khazran Khan | Ground Report Hurrah! Victorious Pakistan created history … Read more

India’s declining position in global hunger index

Climate change affects children's mental health, from before birth

Ground Report | New Delhi: India’s global hunger index; Nutritious food is considered essential for a healthy life, but some 300 million people, or about 40 percent of the world’s population, do not have enough money to buy nutritious food. India’s global hunger index This is according to a report released at the United Nations … Read more