Straight pride collective spreading hatred against LGBTQ in Hindu college, sponsoring therapy

In Delhi’s Hindu College, 6 people have formed a homophobic organization that is spreading hatred against the queer community in this college. An organization that calls itself ‘Hindu College Straight Pride Collective’ (HCSPC), considers homosexuality a sin and is asking people with similar views to come together. It claims to be associated with the right-wing and says that they are getting good funding which they will use for the therapy of Homosexuals.

Hindu College SFI has opposed the homophobic campaign being run by this organization in the campus.


There has been an attempt by an Instagram page namely ‘@/hcstraightpride’ to slander and rebuff the HCQC with a woeful agenda of attacking and canceling the whole queer community in the campus. Claiming themselves as a society against the ‘sins’ of homosexuality, they have blatantly threatened to leak private information about the QC members. With about 6 members, they show no shame in calling the QC society of about 100+ members a group of “mentally ill leftists.” Along with this, they have also posted transphobic content and posts which attack neurodivergent folks. It stands crystal clear that their words are guided by queerphobia and transphobia. SFI Hindu College believes that every student must have the right to express and identify themselves in their own preferred ways and feel safe inside the campus. We share deep rage and contempt towards such queerphobic attempts taken by these students. The Queer Collective of Hindu College has our unconditional support.


What is Straight Pride Collective?

When the ground report went on its Instagram handle, it was revealed that there is this group of homophobic students of Hindu College, who consider homosexuality a sin.

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Their Instagram post says, “We are fighting for your freedom of expression, which is in danger as the college is being taken over by the Radical Left. Currently, we are a small team of six people, with a lot of information on what has been going on inside the disgusting society known as HCQC (Hindu College queer collective). Throughout the next few weeks, we will be sharing key information about the behaviors of the members of this sinful society. We hope to receive support from all the departments across the college.

They are sponsoring therapy

Straight pride is a right-wing movement for the betterment of society. We don’t wish to incite violence against the ill. With the funding we are receiving, we will be able to sponsor the therapy of 5-6 people who have been engulfed by the left.

They believe homosexuality has been a serious sin that has led to the downfall of Indian society. It is a concept introduced by China in order to deter our youth from achieving their full potential. Just like autistic people fail to achieve their potential, homosexuals are easily distracted by sex. Many great men in the past have spoken against this sin just like our Lord and the savior Jesus, and Prophet Mohammed.

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Homosexuals have an IQ below 70, and autistic people too range in an IQ of 5-to 070. Are autistic people and homosexuals correlated? Study shows that yes it is true. A study conducted by Harvard Psychiatrist Law shows that homosexuals have nothing to prove why they like sex with the same gender.

What supreme court said while decriminalizing homosexuality in India?

Section 377 discriminates against LGBTQIA for their sexual orientation. It violates the right of the LGBTIQ community to “equal citizenship and equal protection of laws”. The court held that bodily autonomy is individualistic. Choice of partner is part of the fundamental right to privacy.

Justice Chandrachud said medical science should stop being a party to the stigmatization of homosexuals by “trying to cure something that is not even a disease”. Medical professionals and counselors should tweak their own attitudes. Stigmatisation seriously affects members of the LGBTQ community.

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