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Obscene act of couple with Economic Times Newspaper is now viral

A video ad published by The Economic Times, a popular newspaper publication, has generated quite a stir. The ad is designed to

By Ground report
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A video showing a couple with The Economic Times newspaper has gone viral on social media. In the video, the couple is seen covering their bodies with the newspaper after a fight. The couple appears to be reading a Newspaper "The Economic Times".

The ad appears to be an attempt to promote the habit of reading newspapers. While some found the video funny, others criticized it for being inappropriate.

In the video, A couple is naked, with both male and female holding a newspaper to cover their body while.

While some found the video humorous, others expressed discomfort with the reel's sexual undertones. The use of nudity in reels is a contentious issue, with some arguing that it is a cheap tactic to get attention.

The video has sparked a debate about the appropriate use of sexual content and is viral on social media.

One social media user commented: "Is this really an ad from The Economic Times? Who reads their newspaper like that?" Another user shared a hilarious anecdote of a couple who, after having a fight, found solace in reading Vinod Mehta's famous book, Lucknow Boy.

Another user commented "some people have expressed discomfort with the sexual overtones of the ad. However, if the ad had been less suggestive and more focused on promoting the benefits of reading newspapers, viewers might have responded with more positive comments."

"At best, why I can't read the newspaper nowadays, I didn't understand the technique. Modiji had said that if you have an understanding of technique, nothing is possible" another user commented.

Another user said "Older people read newspapers like this. What do you know You read CHHI News dirty news."

"My professor always said that social science people must read economics. We didn't even pay attention. Budget weeks used to buy mints and economics time. Seems like a lot of burden. He would be so interesting in time, no one would have thought!" Another user commented.

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