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Hike fellowship: Research scholars to observe MHRD enclosure and hunger strike from 16th January, marks black day in protest

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Report by : Poonam Kumari
New Delhi: Research scholars and Phd students of several institutions like IIT, JNU, IISER, AIIMS, DU, DRDO organized an all India representative meeting on 3rd January. The scholars are demanding the hike in their fellowships for the last 4 months. This meeting was to strategize their further moves. Meanwhile, research Scholars marked black day in protest.

Meetings were organised by researchers at their respective institutions in which many important issues were discussed. In the meeting they decided for the “Gherav” of HRD office and DST India and to protest on 16th of January.

Thousands of research fellows across the country are now ready to travel to Delhi. Research Scholars have urged more and more students to reach Delhi while giving slogan “Cooperate with Research, Delhi Let’s Go Delhi”. Students are now referring to the indefinite hunger strike till the fellowship amount is increased.

The government has been just giving assurances every time. In the last meeting between Central Processing Development Minister Prakash Javadekar and the researchers, the minister assured that fellowship amount will increase by December 31, 2018, but till now no such news has been reported.

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Scholars from across the country including IIT Delhi, IIT Madras, Kharagpur, IIT Roorkee, IIT Mumbai, IIT Mandi, IIT Kanpur, IISER Kolkata, ACTREC, IISER Pune, BHU, AIIMS New Delhi, IIEST, Shibpur had organised all India representative meetings in their respective institutes. Earlier, students of these institutions had also carried foot march for their demands.

These are the main demands of research scholars:

1.  JRF, SRF, PhD students’ fellowship amount shoulnd be increased by 80%, as amount should be increased 20% every year.

2. The fellowship amount should reach on time. Now the amount comes in three or six and sometimes in eight months.

3. Government must make guidelines under pay commission to ensure that researcher get their fellowship amount every month on time.

As the research scholars plays a very crucial role in the different researches came up in the country, they becomes important to the country. Despite their role and importance government doesn’t look serious about their demands and the changes they want in the whole process of fellowships. Government should take some steps to resolve the issue and to make a platform to sit and talk to the researchers directly and raise their fellowships. These types of demands should be addressed immidiately.