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Highest earning companies of world

Ground Report | New Delhi: The year of 2020 was a difficult for the economy due to the Covid epidemic. But the tech and banking companies made huge profits during this period. According to Forbes, they were the world’s highest profitable companies last year.

Number 1: Apple

Tech company Apple has been the highest profit making company in the world. The company, which rules millions of pockets across the world from its headquarters in California, completed 45 years of its establishment on April 1 this year. In 2020, it made a profit of $ 63.9 billion.

Number 2: Microsoft

Last year, Microsoft finished second with a profit of $ 51.3 billion. Sathya Nadella of Indian origin is the CEO of this hardware and software development company for the last seven years.

Number 3: Saudi Aramco

Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil company Aramco is one of the largest companies in the world in revenue. It has entered the top three in 2020 in terms of profits. According to Forbes, its profits were $ 49.3 billion.

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Number 4: ICBC

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) is a multinational bank owned by the Chinese government. The estimated capital of this bank, established in 1984, was reported to be US $ 4027 billion in 2018. According to Forbes, it made $ 45.8 billion in profits in 2020.

Number 5: Berksher Hathaway Inc.

Berksher Hathaway, a company of famous investor Warren Buffett, is a consortium of many companies. It is at number five, earning a profit of 42.5 billion in 2020.

Number 6: JP Morgan Chase

Investment Bank of America has completed 20 years of its establishment. The bank, operating from its headquarters in New York, was one of the world’s highest profitable banks in 2020. It made a profit of $ 40.4 billion.

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Number 7: Alphabet

Alphabet is a group of different companies. The largest company in this group is Google. It was founded on 2 October 2015 by joining Google and its small and large companies. In 2020, it made a profit of $ 40.3 billion.

Number 8: China Construction Bank

China Construction Bank is one of the four largest banks in the country. It was the second largest bank in the world by market capitalization in 2015. It has more than 13 thousand branches. According to Forbes magazine, it made a profit of US $ 39.3 billion in 2020.

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