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Hathras Gangrape: Why caste mentioned in rape cases in India?

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Why caste mentioned in rape cases in India?: A 20-year-old Dalit girl was brutally brutal and gang-raped by four hai cast boys in Hathras, Western, Uttar Pradesh who died almost two weeks after the incident. On this person questioned the media that rape is a social evil, then why is misogyny (hatred regarding women) being spread in the society by taking the name of caste, but if we look at the figures, it is found that caste is also a reason for rape in India. More than thirty-two thousand rapes occurred in the year 2019, in which 11% of victims were from the lips caste.

Let’s look at the figure of rape cases in India. 

# According to data from National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) around 88 rape cases had been registered everyday in 2019.

# Around 32,033 rape cases had been registered in year 2019.

# In such cases around 11% victims were from the Dalit caste.

# Around 3500 dalit women victim of rape

# One by third of the cases were only from Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

# From total number of cases around 18% of victims belongs to dalit caste in Uttar Pradesh.

# Highest number of rape cases in Uttar Pradesh were from dalit caste.

# Rape cases in country increased by 31% in last 10 years.

# Four women get raped every hour in India.

These figures are released by NCRB every year. Looking at these figures, it is clear that how crime is spreading in India.

Why reservation is still necessary to uplift the depressed classes?

An incident of Hathras horror

A 20 year old women belong to schedule caste community of a village in Hathras, Western Uttar Pradesh was brutally beaten and gangraped by four upper caste people of her village nearly two weeks after the attack she died in hospital. Following the incident in Hathras, there has been a strong protest in the country. The incident occurred on 14 September in the village in U.P., about 200 km from Delhi.
Doctors at the hospital had reported that the women had a cut tongue and multiple fractures throughout her body. All four accused have been arrested and sent to jail on charges of gangrape and murder.

Is caste important to highlight?

There is a fierce debate in the media about the caste of criminal and victims involving in such cases. We really need to understand that upper caste people dominate the lower caste is a deeply contradictory issue in Indian society. The male dominated society has always been influential almost everywhere in the country so these crimes almost always have a caste angle.

A caste society is inherently violent and when it came comes to dalit women the violence on them is the most brutal.

Why always Dalits?

Every time a dalit women or a so- called lower caste women is a victim of sexual violence, if become clear that the existing structure of caste and the status of women in society are largely responsible for their human right violations.

Criticize the media houses as much as possible for mentioning caste in rape and murder cases from there is no doubt that it plays a major role in violence against these women.

For dalit women violence is almost always associated with their caste positions former and it also depends on how they behave with in the system. For example their resistance or dissatisfaction to the cast is structure of them triggers violence.

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Other such cases

On May 27, 2014 two minor dalit girls were gangraped and hanged on a tree in katra village of Uttar Pradesh, Badaun District. Those dalit girls did just such a mistake that they had asked their Boss (Upper caste person) to increase their salary by just 3 rupees.

This violence is not just to control women former but also to maintain the caste structure carefully.

Condition of women

Majority of landless labourers and scavengers are the Lalit women in India. Many of them are forced into prostitution in rural areas or are forced to sell their body in the city.

A report by human rights watch showed that landlords and police often used sexual harassment and other forms of violence against the Dalit women to teach them “political lessons”, and suppress their voices.

A case of Bihar

Ine lakshman Pur baithe Bihar members of ranbir Sinha raped and molested the LIC women before committing a genocide in in 1997. To apprehend the man who fled to hide from the police, there the female relatives were arrested and raped and detained.

A report by The New Indian Express states that according to the 2016 National Crime Record Bureau data for the highest number of crimes against SC members is against the little women.

Data also shows that more than 4 Dalit women are raped every day. The National Campaign on the Dalit Human Rights, an NGO revealed that more than 23 % of the Dalit women reported being raped, even if they gain political power due to a sense of short-sightedness among the dominant caste the lip woman when they are elected sarpanch they get no reservation from the power of society, that can fight against for them regarding violence and discrimination with them.

What constitution says?

The constitution of India is considered to be the largest constitution in the world and the right to equality has been guaranteed under Article 14 to Article 18.

Article 17 of the Constitution states that ‘untouchability has been abolished and its practice in any form is prohibited’. Enforcement of untouchability is it crime punishable by law. Article 17 specifically avoids discrimination against the Dalits and also prohibits the practice of untouchability.

Rights of Dalits

In 1978 coma the untouchability (offences) 8 common 1955 was changed to the protection of civil rights act 1955. Because cases of atrocities on scandal craft institute tribes were not covered under be the old law and you at called scheduled caste and scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities act) 1989 was passed by the parliament.

It is shameful and unfortunate that even after years of Independence, changes in the patriarchal structure of society have been denied. Violence and sexual harassment are an important mechanisms to show women of lower caste, their status in society. Right now our basic need is the proper functioning of the institution to protect them and their life.

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