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Has SC become a fast track court for its favorite people: Mahua Moitra

Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra has raised questions on Arnab Goswami’s petition being listed in the list of ‘immediate hearing’ in the Supreme Court.

She wrote in tweeting, “These petitions were not necessary for CAA / habeas corpus / migrant laborers”. Is the registry of the Supreme Court acting like a fast track court for its favorites? Honorable Chief Justice and Registrar should answer this.

Somabrata Ray Goswami, wife of Republic TV editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami, has written a letter to the Supreme Court in which she has responded to senior advocate and Supreme Court Bar Association President Dushyant Dave.

Dushyant Dave had questioned the bail plea of ​​Arnab Goswami to be listed in the Supreme Court for ‘immediate hearing’.

Somyabrata wrote, “I read Dushyant Dave’s letter, I am shocked, it is frightening.” Neither do I know Dave nor have I ever met him. But the way Dave is targeting my husband’s petition selectively, in response to that, I have to tell that he kept quiet when many cases were presented before the court giving preference.

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In his letter, he has mentioned three cases.

1.August 2019: Petition filed on behalf of Romila Thapar. It was included in the list for hearing on the same day it was recorded. Dave was his lawyer in this case.

Citing this case, she writes – “This petition was not from the victim but from the social activists to protect the human rights of those who were accused of being involved in Naxal activities”.

2.June 2020: Vinod Dua’s petition in which he challenged an FIR against him. It was heard on Sunday.

3. April 2020: Petition of senior advocate Prashant Bhushan, which he filed against the FIR of Gujarat Police. This petition was filed on 30 April and it was heard on 1 May.

Earlier, Senior Advocate and Supreme Court Bar Association President Dushyant Dave wrote a letter to the Secretary General of the apex court, the interim bail plea of ​​Republic TV editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami from ‘selected way’ to ‘immediate hearing’ on 11 November Have objected to being listed for

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Hearing on Arnab Goswami’s petition is being held on the very next day after filing his petition.

Expressing his objection, Dushyant Dave has questioned the Secretary General that thousands of people have been lodged in jails for a long time and their cases have been lying for weeks, months, but how and why this matter gets listed immediately.

He has asked the Secretary General whether the matter has been listed after an order from the Chief Justice “for immediate hearing” or whether the decision has been taken by the Secretary General himself.

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