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Home » Haridwar hate speech: Ex-chiefs of Navy, Army criticise event

Haridwar hate speech: Ex-chiefs of Navy, Army criticise event

Ex-chiefs of Navy, Army criticise event

Ground Report | New Delhi: Haridwar hate speech; A video of staunch Hindutva leader Yeti Narasimhanand has gone viral in which he is appealing for violence against Muslims and advocating Hindus to take up arms.

These people had organized a three-day conference in Haridwar last week and in this, the violence against Muslims was openly talked about.

India as well as foreign social media users are sharing this video on social media. In this case, on Thursday, Uttarakhand Police has registered an FIR against Wasim Rizvi alias Jitendra Narayan Tyagi and others.

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Tweeting the video clip of Dharma Sansad in Haridwar, Admiral (Retd) Arun Prakash wrote, “Why is this not being stopped? Our soldiers are facing enemies on two fronts and we are facing communal bloodshed, internal unrest, and international embarrassment. Is it so difficult to understand that if national harmony and unity are in danger, national security will also be in danger?

In response to this tweet by Admiral Arun Prakash, General Ved Prakash Malik wrote, “Agreed. Such speeches will disturb social harmony and pose a threat to national security. The administration should act on this.”

A former lieutenant general told the Telegraph, “These hate traders are fanatical and a threat to the social harmony of the country. Why is the government not arresting them, imposing UAPA and sedition law, not for them?

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Tactical expert Sushant Sarin has tweeted and said, “This is very disgusting. If the government does not stop them, then it is playing with the defense of the country. (Haridwar hate speech)

The Telegraph asked a senior Delhi Police official why no action was taken regarding the program of the Vahini, he said, “We have seen a video of this program in Delhi in which people are being incited against Muslims. We are waiting for the instructions. The above officials.

On the other hand, Major General (Retd) Yash More wrote in a tweet about lynching in Punjab, “It is disturbing that two people were killed in the name of religion in Punjab. We have become another Pakistan. Hate must stop or else we will perish.

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