“Will give our lives, not our land”: Farmers oppose the ethane cracker plant in Sehore

“Will give our lives, not our land”: Farmers oppose the ethane cracker plant in Sehore

Farmers in Sehore, Madhya Pradesh, are vehemently opposing the establishment of an ethane cracker plant in their area, citing concerns about pollution, barren fields, and contaminated water

The proposed plant by GAIL India Limited, with a Rs 60,000 crore investment, aims to start production in 2030-31, making it the largest ethane cracker plant in the country

Despite promises of job opportunities and compensation, the farmers are resolute in their stance to protect their land, which is not just a source of income but also their safety net

Villagers fear environmental risks associated with petrochemical factories, such as air, water, and soil pollution, as well as noise pollution and disruption of daily life

The farmers' union has engaged with authorities to address their concerns, highlighting discrepancies in land acquisition and questioning the project's location on fertile land

The farmers emphasize the importance of their agricultural land and express distrust towards the government and company officials who have not engaged with them effectively

Experts warn about the negative impact of petrochemical industries on public health and the environment, urging a shift away from fossil fuel-based industries to combat climate change

Challenges remain as farmers continue to resist the plant's construction, advocating for the government to relocate the plant and prioritize their land rights over industrial development