Communication blockade forces people to switch to vintage landlines PCOs in Valley

Wahid Bhat | Srinagar

Communication blockade in the Kashmir valley continued on Sunday, as landline remains disconnected in several parts of Srinagar city and mobile networks . The administration is citing external faults as the reason behind the disconnection.

Javed Ahmad a resident of Shalateng said that “we have only landlines working at our business unit in the Lal chowk area of Srinagar. However, a few numbers of Lal chowk and adjoining places like Jehangir Chowk continue to remain “dead’ due to some technical fault.

Danish Hameed a resident of HMT said “we have not been able to contact our brother working in Delhi, though a complaint has been registered with the exchange but so far they have done nothing”. He added that he also visited the Lal chowk exchange five times and they assured him that the problem will be solved within 2 days, but so far nothing has happened.

People renew landline connections

Long forgotten landlines phones are back in demand in Srinagar. Restoration of landline phones has encouraged hundreds of people in Srinagar city to reach BSNL exchange and pay all the pending bills of their phones.   

Locals Queue at PCOs in Kashmir

Many PCOs in Kashmir valley that had been long closed are now back in action and offering people the facility to call their loved ones in and out of state. Naseema, a resident of Sonwar area of Srinagar city said “I am relieved that I am able to talk with my son, he is studying in Delhi. We don’t have any landline service at home; we had closed those years ago.” PCOs in present situation are only hope she said.

In some areas of Kashmir valley where landlines service has been restored, people have put up posters outside their houses offering free calling service. The owners of these PCOs say that it have been revived to provide relief to our own people so that they can talk with their loved ones.     

Provocations from Pakistan keep mobile networks suspended: Govt

Yesterday Government spokesman Rohit Kansal said tremendous provocation from Pakistan across the border is responsible for the continuous mobile and internet blackout in Kashmir valley. He added that any decision in so far as restoring mobile survice and internet connectivity must factor in that provocation.