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Home » HOME » Groom slaps bride for dancing, she marries her cousin

Groom slaps bride for dancing, she marries her cousin

Groom slaps bride for dancing, she marries her cousin

Ground Report | New Delhi: Groom slaps bride for dancing; A bride married her cousin after her groom allegedly slapped her for dancing at a wedding ceremony. The incident took place at Panruti of Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu.

Groom slaps bride for dancing

The bride was a resident of Panruti and is a postgraduate and the groom is a resident of Periyakattupalayam and is a senior engineer in a firm in Chennai. They got engaged on November 6 last year and were to get married on January 20 at Kadampuliyur village.

According to community rituals, the reception was the day before the wedding, on January 19. The families had also organized a DJ. According to the Times Of India, the couple was happily dancing on stage as the DJ played. However, things turned ugly when a cousin joined them as they danced.

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Girl marries her cousin

The cousin initially held the couple’s hands as they danced, then stepped between them and put his arms around their shoulders. This angered the groom and pushed the bride and cousin.

The bride’s family insisted that the groom slapped her in front of everyone when she joined him on stage. The bride decided to call off the wedding and her parents approved of her decision. The bride’s family found a suitable groom among her relatives and the wedding was celebrated with the new groom on the scheduled date and time but in a new place.

Groom’s family file complaint

The rejected boyfriend has filed a complaint at the Panruti Women’s Police Station. He said that when he asked the girlfriend why he danced with others, she told him that it was her decision to dance with him. He alleged that the girlfriend’s family accused him of threatening her. He also claimed that he was abused and assaulted. He said that his family spent 7 lakh rupees on the wedding arrangements and sought compensation.

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