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India could face military pressure from China, Pakistan & Nepal’: Chinese mouthpiece

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China’s official newspaper Global Times said that India’s border dispute with Pakistan and Nepal is going on with China. The Indian Army may face pressure on two or three fronts. The Chinese newspaper tried to tell in gestures that Nepal, which was once close to India, has now gone into the lap of China.

After a military skirmish in the Galwan Valley, China once again tried to pressure India through a government newspaper. According to the Global Times of the Chinese government, if the tension on the LAC increases, India will have to bear the brunt of pressure from China as well as Pakistan and even Nepal’s army. To understand it in simple terms, it means that Pakistan and Nepal can support China in the event of deteriorating conditions on the Indo-China border.

There was a military skirmish between India and China in the Galwan Valley of Ladakh on Monday night. 20 soldiers of India were martyred. Reports claimed that 43 Chinese soldiers were either killed or injured.

Conspiracy to create mental pressure
Global Times is the mouthpiece of the ruling Communist Party in China. That is, its articles are the view of the Chinese government. The newspaper has been publishing articles threatening India.

The Chinese mouthpiece has quoted a research fellow at the Institute of International Relations of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Hu Zhiyong in its one-sided and biased editorial stating, “India has engaged in border disputes with China, Pakistan and Nepal at the same time.

As Pakistan is a reliable strategic partner of China, and Nepal also has close ties with China, and both of them are key partners under the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative, if India escalates border tensions, it could face military pressure from two or even three fronts, which is far beyond India’s military capability and this might lead to a disastrous defeat for India.”

India does not have such military strength.
Zhiong goes on to say, “If India increases tensions along the border, it will face military pressure on three fronts.” His forces do not have enough strength to withstand this pressure. India can be crushed. ” According to Zhiong, China does not want to change LAC. He also alleges that the Indian Army is responsible for what happened in Galvan Valley. Because, it was the Indian army that provoked the Chinese soldiers.

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It was further stated in the Bharat article that the investigation was done , “India should decide that incidents like Galwan Valley do not happen again in future. Understanding China as weak can be overwhelming for India. The Government of India should investigate the Galwan Valley case. Those responsible should be severely punished.

” The newspaper has also published a statement from a military expert in China. However, his name was not mentioned. According to this statement, China did not reveal the number or names of its soldiers killed or wounded because it could increase tensions.

China attacked with premeditated strategy India said in a statement issued by the Ministry of External Affairs, “Chinese troops were on the way to settle the dispute.I wanted to create a framework on our part of the LAC. This became the root cause of the dispute and China thought fully and planned and took action which led to violence and martyred soldiers on both sides. The Foreign Minister clearly told his counterpart, “It is clear that China intends to change the ground reality by violating all the consensus between us not to change the status quo.”

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‘Bilateral relations will have serious impact’
The statement said, “The Foreign Minister made it clear that this unwanted activity will have a serious impact on the bilateral relationship. Time is right for China to rethink its actions and take steps towards reform. ‘

The statement said,”The Foreign Minister has lodged a very strong resistance in front of China against the bloody clash on 15 June in the Galwan Valley.” It said that meetings with senior military officials had decided to de-escalate the de-escalation agenda on the Line of Actual Control (LAC), to implement it which led to frequent talks between ground commanders last week. However, China deviated from it and conspired.