Girl students wearing hijab denied entry to classroom in Karnataka

Ground Report | New Delhi: Girl students wearing hijab; The Government PU College for Girls in Udupi, Karnataka has banned the use of Hijab, Urdu language, and greetings of Salaam. Some students were allegedly denied entry to the class for wearing hijabs.

Muslim girl students of Government Women’s PU College in Udupi have alleged that the principal is not allowing them to wear hijab in classes. The students have also complained that they are not being allowed to speak in Urdu, Arabic and Beri languages. The girls stood outside the classroom for three days in protest. The girl students claimed that their parents had approached principal Rudra Gowda for talks, but he refused to talk about the issue.

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A college student said, “Those of us who were wearing hijabs were prevented from entering the classroom.”

A college student said, ‘Those of us who were wearing hijabs. He was barred from entering the class. According to the information, a delegation of some college students along with some members of Islamic organizations contacted District Collector Kurma Rao regarding the incident. The six girls who were barred from wearing the hijab to class were also part of the delegation. (Girl students wearing hijab)

According to the report of Maktoob, a second-year student, Almas said, “When we go to class, we are scolded and asked to leave the class. They are not even taking our attendance.” “And when we were reluctant to leave the class, a teacher said, will you go out or shall I push you out?”

“The teachers used to pull off the hijab and scold us badly. Even the principal and teachers threatened that they would take strict action against us,” a student said.

On the other hand, college principal Rudra Gowda said that girl students can wear hijab on the college premises, but they cannot go in hijab inside the classrooms. He said that the rule is being followed to ensure uniformity in the classes.

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The principal also said that a parent-teacher meeting would also be held to discuss the issue. Meanwhile, SDPI Udupi unit president Nazir Ahmed said they would protest if the six girl students were not allowed to attend classes wearing hijabs.

Meanwhile, the police intervened and tried to pacify the students and asked them to follow the rules of the college.

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