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About Us

Ground Report Is a Digital News Platform Registered as Ground Report Digital LLP. Started By Group Of Young Journalist to Bring Out Ground Stories from Heart Of India. Our Website Focuses On Social, Cultural, Agriculture, labour, Employement, Poverty, Health and Political Issues. We Accept Opinions from Different Ideologues Of Society. We Promote citizen journalism too. Ground Report Provides Platform to Freelance Jounalists to Publish Their stories without any Gatekeeping.

Team Members

Komal Badodekar

Editorial Head

Komal Badodekar is incharge of Madhya Pradesh and Managing all PR work for the organisation.

Lalit Kumar

Editorial Head (English)

Lalit Kumar manages Production and English section in Ground Report.

Pallav Jain

Head of Technical Department

Pallav Jain is Incharge of all technical work in Ground Report.

Shibu Tripathi

Head GR English

Shibu Tripathi is head of Ground Report English.

Wahid Bhat

Editor Jammu and Kashmir

Wahid Bhat is Head of Jammu Kashmir Bureau.

Nehal Rizvi

Editor Uttar Pradesh

Nehal Rizvi is Head of Uttar Pradesh Bureau.

We Are Authorised To Do Business in Following areas-



To manufacture, produce, exhibit, distribute, buy and sell, assign, licence, telecast, broadcast news and current affairs, television films, commercial films, video films, video magazines and to engage in other similar activities related thereto and to carry on the business of communications, media, by any means including with the advanced techniques of computer technology and to design, develop, maintain, market, buy, import, export, sell, media, organizing celebrity management, media endorsement, star appearance, corporate launches, entertainment programs, film branding, event management, corporate events, promotion, fashion shows, road shows, festivals, exhibitions, trade fairs, electronic media designing, providing online support services for related business,
processes and activities and providing information technology support service.


To print, publish and conduct for sale one or more newspapers and other periodicals including magazines, books, pamphlets or any other publication in English, Hindi or any other language, anywhere in India, either daily or otherwise.


To engage in the business of dissemination of news, knowledge and information of general interest, across the globe, through web-page design, creation, hosting and any business relating to the Internet or e-mail, networking and communication environments.


To engage in the business of radio broadcast and all other allied activities including producing, buying, selling and distribution of radio programs.


To carry on in India and elsewhere the business to produce, promote, manage project, procure or acquire rights, participate, manufacture, process, prepare, alter,develop, expose, edit, exhibit, broadcast, transmit, make, remake, display, print, reprint, convert, duplicate, finish, buy, sell, run, import, export and deal in any manner, act as broker, agent, distributor, proprietor, organizers, promoters sponsors, copyright owners, audio and video right owners, media partners and media advisors of all purchase, acquisition, import, dissemination, disposal, export, sales and marketing of and trading in, on internet and/or any other on-line medium, all types of information, data, statistics, computer based information systems and library and information sciences, both in the form and nature in which the same may be so gathered, accumulated, organized, tabulated, obtained, imported, acquired, collected or purchased and also in all types of modified forms, formats, manner and nature and to solicit advertisement and to sell time & time slot and space through subscription or otherwise, for all kinds of media /as mentioned above.”

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