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Home » Football star converts to Islam because of Iranian wife

Football star converts to Islam because of Iranian wife

Football star converts to Islam because of Iranian wife

Ground Report | New Delhi: Clarence Seedorf converts to Islam; Former midfielder of football clubs AC Milan, Real Madrid and Ajax Clarence Seedorf announced in a post on his Instagram page that he has converted to Islam.

Seedorf, the only player in the history of the Champions League to have won trophies with three different clubs, posted a picture with his wife and said: “Special thanks for all your kind messages on the joy of joining my Islamic family.”

“I am delighted to be with all my brothers and sisters (Muslims) around the world, especially my beloved wife, Sofia, who has taught me a deeper understanding of Islam,” wrote Seedorf. I did not change my name and I will keep it as my parents chose the name Clarence for me.

Clarence’s Iranian wife, Sofia, did not hide her happiness and wrote on her Instagram page about her husband’s conversion to Islam: ‘Join. Hello, I wish you success in your world. I love you.’ (Clarence Seedorf converts to Islam)

Sofia is a jewellery designer and lives with the former UAE soccer star. They are also models of the Scavia Jewelry brand – an Italian brand with luxury branches in many countries, including Italy, Japan and the United Arab Emirates.

In addition to her successful business ventures, Sofia is also an ambassador for the Hotter Charitable Foundation. The foundation, founded by Hothor Abdul Wahab, seeks to end economic backwardness and provide educational, medical, psychological and marital guidance to vulnerable people in accordance with its charter.

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