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Feeling depressed in the lockdown? We’ve got some tips for you…

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Wahid Bhat, Ground Report:
Covid-19 Lockdown has caused a lot of stress and anxiety. With confirmed cases rising across the country, stock market volatility and worrying for loved ones, it’s completely understandable that people feel emotional at this time.

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With most of the nation now working from home making huge changes to their normal routine, it is important that we are all taking care of our mental health, with all the above stress combined with no social contact for the next few weeks it’s fair to say we will all be feeling cabin fever soon.

Currently, an estimated 2.6 billion people – one-third of the world’s population is living under some kind of lockdown or quarantine. This is arguably the largest psychological experiment ever conducted.

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Here are a few tips that have been of help against depression and mental health.

1. Look after key relationships. Your partner, your children, parents and grandparents, siblings, closest friends. Really try to look out for them.

2. Stay active. The temptation to do nothing is strong. Try to resist it.

3. Exercise. It is vital to physical and mental wellbeing.

4. Watch your diet. For many people, boredom = eating, dislocation = eating, loneliness = eating. It is important to be aware of it. Try to eat healthily..

5. Read books. Don’t be a 24/7 news junkie. Books that have nothing to do with the current crisis, fiction or nonfiction, can be such a wonderful release.

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6. Cut down on social media. Endlessly scrolling through Twitter and Instagram is not healthy.

7. Listen to music regularly.