Twitter fans hilarious reactions on Masvidal vs Covington fight

UFC stars Covington and Masvidal got into a physical altercation outside of Papi Steak in Miami Beach. Sources say as Colby was leaving the restaurant after dinner, Masvidal allegedly attacked him outside.

Masvidal posted a video on Twitter in which he seemingly relished what allegedly transpired between him and Covington.

Hillarious Take of fans on twitter

On twitter everyone is waiting for the real fight video between Covington and Masvidal. As of now they are posting funny video about how they would have fought.

UFC stars Covington and Masvidal are bitter enemies

Jorge and Colby — best friends turned bitter enemies — just fought on March 5 … where Covington won by unanimous decision.

The incident comes 16 days after Covington dominated Masvidal for five rounds, en route to a lopsided unanimous decision win in the UFC 272 headliner. The bout was the culmination of a bitter feud between the former best friends and American Top Team teammates who became bitter enemies as they both rose to welterweight title contender status.

Afterward, Covington, who now trains at MMA Masters, declared himself the “king of Miami,” which Masvidal took exception to. Both men indicated they would fight again outside of the octagon if they ran into each other in public.

Covington was asked at the post-fight press conference what was said after the fight in the octagon and he suggested it was Masvidal that kept the bad blood flowing.

“He was still running his mouth like, dude, you just got pounded out,” Covington started.

“You got dropped, wobbled, just a complete domination from second one to minute 25. You could see it in his body language he literally didn’t have another one minute in him to go.

“Just imagine if there wasn’t a ref in there tonight? His life would have been over. So that’s the end of Street Judas, I don’t wanna hear about hype about Street Judas.

“The hype machine who hit lightning in a bottle for a couple of fights. He’s done. I don’t want to hear another one about him.”

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