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Fake NGO: Dozen unemployed youth duped on protext of job, in airport, other sectors

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Wahid Bhat |SRINAGAR

After Groundreport.in carried a report regarding cheating by a NGO, dozens of victims who were allegedly duped by an NGO named Jammu and Kashmir Qaumi Insaaf on pretext of jobs in different sectors and in Airport as security guard told news agency Press Trust of Kashmir, they were give fake appointment letters also.

They said, “A Person named Gowhar Akhtar Rahman and Sabina Ali demanded rupees 1500 per candidate so that they can provide them jobs in Airport Srinagar”. They further added that the victims were given fake ‘appointment letters’ on official government letterheads with fake stamps and signatures of concern department heads.

“They were calling from different numbers and the victims used to feel that the call is from an Airport authority and so they used to be happy, but the fact is that Sabina Ali and Gowhar Akhtar used to befool them”

Sources said that the fees was also collected from many other unemployed youth (candidates) for the post of Security Guard.

One of the victim said that they were given appointment letters on letter head of the Airports Authority of India, demanding Rs 15,000 as security agreement fee.

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They added after they felt dubious about the letter, they asked them to refund the amount and refused to pay more rupees 15000 as security deposit. One of the victim said that she was offered the job of ticket checker in airport, however there is no vacancy in the airport as Groundreport.in confirmed from Airport authority Srinagar official said.

Earlier Groundreport.in did a News story about NGO namely Jammu and Kashmir Qaumi Insaaf is allegedly involved in cheating People in Kashmir in the name of providing jobs.

Read Part 1 : https://groundreport.in/quami-insaaf-ngo-loot-money-in-the-name-of-jobs/

Groundreport.in learnt that the NGO Jammu and Kashmir Qaumi Insaaf is without registration and have collected huge sums from many unemployed youth from different parts of Valley.

Sources said that the said NGO is fake besides fetching money in installment on pretext of providing jobs in different private and government sectors.

Be suspicious of tall claims
Another way to sift out the genuine NGOs from the scamsters is to actually go through the claims they make about their work. “There should be some honesty in the asking. Tall claims – like we have managed to eradicate misogyny from an institution in two years – should be looked at with suspicion,” says Dr Swarna.

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Never share your bank account details over phone

Most importantly, be smart and never share your bank account details over phone. Whether it’s a marketing call, a person who claims to be from a bank, a possible job opportunity, or an NGO asking for funds – it is never okay to share details like your customer ID, password, cvv number, answers to secret questions, or any other such details with a person on phone.