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Facebook temporarily blocks hashtag calling on PM Modi to resign

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Facebook on Wednesday temporarily blocked the hashtag demanding resignation from the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but was later reinstated.

Facebook has stated in the cleanup that this hashtag was blocked by mistake. #ResignModi was blocked for several hours on Facebook.

On Facebook, many people in India are asking PM Modi questions about the magnitude of the covid-19 epidemic. #ResignModi was being run with these questions.

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The Modi government has an eye on the social media posts on the covid 19 pandemic and many posts have also been deleted from Twitter.

Although Facebook is denying that it has done so with the intention of suppressing the voice of disagreement in India, but first apologized for removing the hashtag.

Facebook spokesman Andy Stone said on the whole issue, “We accidentally blocked this hashtag. We did not do this at the behest of the Indian government. Later we restored the #ResignModi hashtag again. 

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In recent months, the Modi government had asked Facebook, Twitter, Alphabet and Google to remove many content that supported the farmer movement.

Now the people of India are dying without treatment and facilities due to the covid epidemic and the government is being criticized for this. The government is also uncomfortable with this criticism.

The same week, the Modi government had asked the American social media companies to remove such posts, which contained the growing outbreak of the covid epidemic and the government’s criticism.

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The Modi government is being accused that it is promoting censorship in a democracy with the largest population. On the whole matter, the government officially said that some people want to create a stampede situation from their posts in the society.

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In recent months, these companies have had to accept many demands, while some have even rejected the demands. The Wall Street Journal then reported that Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp personnel had started receiving threats.

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