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Home ยป Facebook allow VIP-users to Violate-rules: Reports

Facebook allow VIP-users to Violate-rules: Reports

Is Facebook Dying, Why People Loosing Interest In It?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Facebook allow VIP-users to Violate-rules; Facebook has long said it applies the same rules to all posts, but internal documents obtained by the Wall Street Journal paint a picture of a company that has killed millions of politicians, celebrities, and other high-profile users without any consequences allowed to break those rules.

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Why it matters

When you give free passes to the people with the most reach, it’s hard to limit misinformation on a platform. Facebook’s moderation system is powerful, and even PR posts were sometimes automatically deleted. However, if there is a situation where celebrity posts are automatically removed, there is a risk that followers will be propagated that ‘Facebook removed this without permission, and if the target is a politician, ‘ Platform’ It seems that XCheck was introduced because it can be said that ‘regulation on the above will be tightened’.

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With at least 5.8 million users on the list, Facebook admits the program existed for politicians as of 2019.

Facebook allow VIP-users to Violate-rules

Although the posted content of registered users on the list is not covered by the moderation system, not all content was sifted through, and manually scrutinized by a specialized ‘XCheck team’. However, as the number of registered users on the list continued to grow, less than 10% of the total target content was confirmed by the XCheck team.

For this reason, in 2019, Brazil’s national football team Neymar uploaded photos and videos to Facebook, appealing that he had a good relationship with the targeted woman, with the aim of denying allegations of female assault, but taking revenge on the content.

Even though it contained content that could be the equivalent of pgraphy, it continued to be posted for more than a full day. Normally, revenge pgraphy is removed as soon as it is confirmed, but Neymar was on the whitelist and needs to be confirmed and removed by the XCheck team, which seems to have delayed the response. The account that uploaded revenge pgraphy to Facebook will be deleted, but Neymar’s account will remain the same.

Between the lines

A confidential internal review in 2019 found that the practice was widespread and “not publicly defensible,” the Journal reported. The flip side: Facebook, for its part, told the Journal that its criticism of the system was “fair,” but added that the company is ending the practice of whitelisting.

Facebook spokesman Andy Stone said in a statement, “Much of this internal material is outdated information that is stitched together to create a narrative that shines through on the most important point: Facebook’s identification of issues with CrossCheck.” of and is working to address them.” Journal.

As of 2020, there were 5.8 million Facebook users covered by XCheck – the program that exempts users – including Brazilian football star Neymar, former President Donald Trump, his son, Donald Trump Jr., US Senator Elizabeth Warren, model Sunnaya Nash. and are included. Zuckerberg himself.

The WSJ cited an internal review that said: ‘We’re not really doing what we say we do publicly. Unlike the rest of our community, these people can violate our standards without any consequences.” Facebook spokesman Andy Stone told the WSJ that the company is in the process of ending its “whitelisting” policies.

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