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Home » Explained: Why is #BengaliPrimeMinister trending on twitter?

Explained: Why is #BengaliPrimeMinister trending on twitter?

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Ground Report | New Delhi: Not even month passed since Mamata Banerjee secured an certain victory over the BJP in the West Bengal in assembly elections, her party leaders are already promoting her as a the next Prime Minister of India. Trinamool figureheads on social media are trending the #BengaliPrimeMinister on twitter to put forth Didi’s name as the next Prime Ministerial Candidate.

Trinankur Bhattacharjee, the state president of Trinamool Chhatraparishad said, those who participated in hashtag the spoke persons of the party participated in twitter trend as well.

How Mamata’s broke the glass ceiling for women’s in politics:

With 50 women candidates or 17% of the 291 seats from where it is contesting a heated assembly election in West Bengal, Mamata Banarjee’s Trinamool Congress (TMC) has again taken the lead of states that offer the largest space for women’s representation in politics.” She is already committed to 33% reservation, but Mamata Banerjee has always tried to consider 50% women candidates,” said Dola Sen, in the Rajya Sabha, who has spent the three decades as a trade union leader in West Bengal and been the part of the Mamata’s own efforts to develop in women solidarity in gains movement.

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Her genuine desire for inclusion of women in politics in evident and supporters say a results of her own political struggle. “Unlike so many Indian politicians who are women, but Mamata Banerjee never had a man helping her-with due respect to others,She is no one’s daughter, wife or widow, said Dola Sen.

Mamata Banerjee is pitching herself as the front in line among the opponents:

The trend is also fits as much towards opposition leaders from other parties as it is against Narendra Modi. Mamata Banerjee wishes to sweep away her opponents from other parties in the possible grand alliance is in still her favour .And there is are leaders from other parties who could match her stature.

Uddhav Thackrey cannot win the Maharashtra on their own. Arvind Kejiriwal is limited to the national capital which has a very small population compared to major states .That leaves Banerjee with very few credible contenders. However, in order to ensure her candidature, she is attempting to brush aside any opposition that might arise.

Mamata Banerjee may spark an infighting:

Yes, Banerjee could very well spark an infighting with her moves for 2024. Infighting is the major cause in such as grand alliance as many parties are accepted opponents of each other .Similarly, Banerjee’s candidature as Prime Minister is sure to the left front who may then hesitate throw there behind alliance.

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Will Mamata Banerjee be acceptable nationally?

The true facts about the Mamata Banerjee is that she has partially no base outside West Bengal. Even if she wins all the seats, which appears impossible, the maximum she could wins 44 seats. Outside of West Bengal, even bengalis, she doesn’t not enjoy great popularity. Such as Banerjee may well have national ambitious but it is an upward task in the future. But still the idea of a Bengali Prime Minister strength build up her hand in West Bengal itself in 2024.

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