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Explained: What is 5G, Is it harmful for living beings?

Radiation from towers gained further emphasis during the Corona period. As far as any direct link between the spread of 5G network

By sachinkumar555
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5G network

The organization's anti-cancer agency said that after reviewing the evidence, it was found that cancer caused by mobile phones could not be ruled out

Ground Report | New Delhi: Radiation from towers of mobile service provider companies have already been viewed with great suspicion, so these fears gained further emphasis during the Corona period. As far as any direct link between the spread of coronavirus and the 5G network in the current situation is concerned, there is no solid basis for the claims regarding this. 

Responding to the claims that the second wave of Corona is the result of testing 5G mobile towers, recently the Department of Telecommunications has said that these are pure rumours.

That's why people are having trouble breathing. The Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI), an organization of mobile and telecom service companies, has also clearly said that these claims are completely false. 

What is 5G

If you understand fat, then after 5G the internet will run 100 times faster in your mobile phone. It is being said about this technology that with its arrival the machine will be able to talk to you.. or the machine will be able to talk to the machine. But for all this it is necessary that your devices support 5G. 

If this happens then your life will be completely changed. Scientists have to say about 5G that it will be as new for humans as it will be for them to go to Mars. Think about how you will feel when your car talks to you.. or if it coordinates with the red light at a distance. He should establish a lot of coordination with each of his sensors.


5G technology has nothing to do with covid

According to COAI, 5G network has already been started in many countries in the world and no such problem has been reported there. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has clarified that 5G technology has nothing to do with covid. The WHO says that the coronavirus cannot travel from one place to another by riding on mobile networks and radio waves. 

Where earlier phones used to be wired, then came the era of corded, and now wireless phones are running. Instead of the earlier basic phones, the people of today’s generation use smartphones .with this changing feature of the phone, its generation is also related, which has clear the journey from 1G to 4G and is now dynamic next to 5G. In such a situation, it can be very interesting to know that what is this upcoming 5G.

For the evolution of a  generation in the technology sector in the next 10 years .As we now have the first generation (1G) in the 1980s, the second generation (2G) in the 1990s, the third generation (3G) in the 2000s,the fourth generation (4G) in the 2010s and the fifth generation (5G).

5G is the fifth generation of mobile networks. The full form of 5g is fifth-generation wireless or 5G, is the very latest cellular technology, which has been specially engineered to lightly increase the speed and sensitiveness of wireless network. 

Whereas in 5G, data can be broadcasted through a wireless broadband connection at a  speed of more than about 20Gbps. It offers very low computing which real-time feedback is required. Due to the high technology and advanced antenna technology  5G, a large amount of data can be transmitted via wireless.

How dangerous is mobile radiation

Since the fears of mobile radiation have been around the world, an initiative in this matter was taken by the World Health Organization itself. This organization had released a report in the year 2010 saying that there is no need to be afraid of mobile phones because till now the research has not clearly proved it to be the enemy of health. 

However, the comments in this report were made on cell phones and not mobile towers. But in 2011 the opinion of the World Health Organization changed. He claimed in another report that the use of mobile phones can lead to the possibility of a specific type of cancer. 

The organization's anti-cancer agency said that after reviewing the evidence, it was found that cancer caused by mobile phones could not be ruled out. However, the same report also said that 'it has not been clearly established that mobile phones cause cancer.


will have a profound effect on health

With the introduction of the 5G network, the number of mobile towers will start increasing. Due to which the RF signal will also come out in large numbers. In such a situation, the possibility of health deterioration due to radiation will also increase. According to the experts, if we consider security, then there is no need to be afraid of RF.

Often mobile phones emit more energy and radiation when the signal is weak. In order to receive the signal, the mobile phone has to exert more force to make contact with the network. In such a situation, it would be more appropriate to talk sitting or standing at any place like home, office or shop, etc, where a strong signal is being received. 

While going out of the house, it is most appropriate to carry a mobile phone in hand, but people keep it in the pocket of a shirt or pants due to fear of snatching. Keep in mind that keeping mobile in a shirt pocket affects the heart, while a mobile kept in a pants pocket can spread impotence. In such a situation, an anti-radiation cover should be used for the phone. Such covers are available in the market and on online shopping websites.

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