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Why ETV Bharat fired Journalist Naveen Kumar Nandan?

Why ETV Bharat fired Journalist Naveen Kumar Nandan?

Ground Report | New Delhi: ETV Bharat Journalist Naveen Kumar Nandan has been fired for a viral video in which an unemployed woman is criticizing the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh. Naveen Kumar, Shared the video on social media to show public opinion. On social media, people asked what is the fault of journalist who has been fired from his job.

In the Viral Video, the unemployed woman criticized the UP government and said that “now the government that will come will be of Akhilesh Yadav”.

Journalist Shyam Meera Singh tweeted the video and wrote “The journalist @NkNandanLive with this viral video has been fired by ETV Bharat Sansthan. Just now I got his call, the company has fired him directly without any notice, also removed from all WhatsApp groups.

He further wrote “It is very shameful that the journalist was directly fired from his company without any notice. How did it become a crime to show public opinion?”

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Netizens criticize on social media

Twitter user wrote, “What is the fault of this journalist, it is the fault of the government, why is it doing such a thing that the public abuses him, this poor journalist should be put back on the job.”

Another user wrote “@ETVBharatEng Why have you terminated @NkNandanLive without any fault of him. Are you afraid of the Govt or any order from Lucknow has reached your office for his dismissal. Plz remain ETV, Don’t become ANI”

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“In anger, language limits are sometimes not taken care of, but what is the fault of this journalist who has been fired from his job, that means his bosses also abstain from the truth, was it going live? If not, the editor will not show it” another user wrote. (Journalist Naveen Kumar ETV)

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