How is Microsoft’s AI intervention helping Indian farmers?

AI For farmers

An AI Sowing App powered by the Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite, which includes Machine Learning and Power BI, was created by Microsoft in partnership with the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT). Participating farmers receive seeding advice from the app on the best time to sow. The farmers do not have to … Read more

Climate change: Punjab’s corn, cotton yields will decline by 2050

Climate change: Punjab’s corn, cotton yields will decline by 2050

Climate change is projected to reduce maize and cotton yields in Punjab by 13% and 11% respectively by 2050, according to a new study by agricultural economists and scientists at Punjab Agricultural University (PAU). The study published in the Mausam journal of the India Meteorological Department earlier this month used rainfall and temperature data collected … Read more

Khazan Farming System, an engineering marvel in Goa, Explained!

khazan farming goa

A paper presented at Goa University states that Khazan lands are carefully designed as ‘topo-hydro-engineered Garo-aquaculture ecosystems’. The structure of these lands depends on their distance from the nearest watershed and the tidal estuary. According to National Geographic, an ‘estuary is an area where a freshwater river or stream meets the ocean.’ They are also … Read more

What is the ‘salt solution’ revolutionizing agriculture in Bangladesh?

salt solution project bangladesh

The ICCO Corporation is a developmental non-governmental organization that has been an active agent in revolutionizing agriculture in the highly saline regions of Bangladesh by implementing its Salt Solution Project. The project is being funded by National Postcode Lottery, Netherlands.  PROBLEM  Due to increased flooding and the rise in sea levels near coastal Bangladesh, several … Read more

Why are Himachal Pradesh Apple Farmers protesting?

Why are Himachal Pradesh Apple Farmers protesting?

Fruit growers in the mountainous state, reeling from a three-month drought, arid weather conditions, an unprecedented rise in the cost of packaging material and spiralling input costs, held simultaneous demonstrations at Theog and Rohru in the Shimla district. In Himachal Pradesh, where the BJP-led state government has set its sights on repeating the mission, disgruntled … Read more

Climate change: Mango blossoms ahead of time in Odisha

Climate change: Mango blossoms ahead of time in Odisha

Mango trees in Telangana and Odisha started sprouting in the third week of December, it will be early spring in 2023. According to experts, unseasonable rains and warmer-than-normal winters could be responsible for this. If seen, both unseasonal rains and warmer winters are signs of climate change. Mango blossoms in Odisha According to MD Subash … Read more

National Mission on Sustainable Agriculture, Explained!

National Mission on Sustainable Agriculture, Explained!

NSMA (National Mission on Sustainable Agriculture) is one of the eight missions outlined under the National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC). It was formulated and launches in 2014-15 to enhance the productivity of agriculture, especially in rainfed areas, and addresses the issue of sustainable agriculture.  The mission acknowledges the adverse impact on agriculture production … Read more

Irregular rains, and droughts impacting rice cultivation in Assam

rice cultivation in assam

Rice is the most significant crop in Assam. Out of 4.16 million hectares of Assam’s gross cropped area, 2.54 million hectares is covered by rice cultivation. Rice cultivation accounts for 96% of the state’s total food grain production. Erratic rainfall and short-term drought in Assam The relentless monsoon rains that flooded much of the state … Read more

Chestnut farming is the livelihood of Bhopal’s Fishermen

chestnut farming in Bhopal

In the wetlands of Bhopal, in the month of November-December, you will see farmers plucking water chestnuts from the ponds. Water chestnut is a good source of income for fishermen in the city of lakes, Bhopal. Ground Report spoke to one such water chestnut farmer to know how he manages to water chestnut farming. Dev … Read more