‘Walkable cities’ are what we need in this climate change era

walkable cities

Most governments around the world are hard at work getting people out of their cars to reduce vehicle emissions and improve air quality in urban spaces. To do this, governments are increasingly promoting alternative forms of transportation by increasing public transit, bicycle infrastructure, and walkability between community assets. However, globally people are also building cities … Read more

How environment friendly is human composting?

human body composting

Human composting is the process of converting our bodies into the soil and using it to fertilize the environment. Human composting is an effective and environmentally friendly option to consider with an efficient and simple procedure. Read more: What is human composting? In essence, organic material—in this instance, a body—is decomposed and transformed into nutrient-rich … Read more

10 Eco-Friendly Resolutions for 2023

10 Eco-Friendly Resolutions for 2023

Eco-Friendly Resolutions: It’s time to start setting goals and planning for a successful new year. While many people set goals to focus on wellness or their finances, there’s something else we could all focus more on to make the new year (and every year in the future) better: sustainability. With scary headlines about climate change, … Read more

Film photography is not sustainable, know how? 

environmental impacts of photography films

While digital photography is the most common form of photography, these days people have been rediscovering the joy of using ‘film’ cameras and revisiting the 90s through film photography. The film is defined as transparent strips of plastic, on which a picture is captured. Though in some ways film photography can be considered sustainable. But, … Read more

Year Ender 2022: Environment-friendly New Year’s eve party

Year Ender 2022: Environment-friendly New Year's eve party

The holiday season is here, and in many parts of the world, that means shopping, shopping, shopping. However, this dizzying consumerism is harming the planet. Excessive purchases are part of an unsustainable consumer culture that is fueling a triple planetary crisis of climate change, loss of nature and biodiversity, and pollution and waste. 1. Homemade … Read more

Story of Piñatex: The ‘vegan’ leather

pinatex story of a vegan leather

Pineapples are a tropical juicy fruit cultivated in humid tropical regions like India, China, the Philippines, etc. The Philippines is the third largest producer of pineapples globally. The scrapping of the pineapple leaves gives out the strong, white, silky fiber which is called Piña. Textiles from these fibers have been in use for many decades … Read more

How is Eco-tourism a need of the hour?

benefits of eco tourism

Eco-tourism on the other hand is an entirely different approach. It is more scientific in nature, where not only are you engaging with the natural and cultural environment of an area in the most sustainable way possible, but are also keeping intact the integrity of the region. Conservation is central to ecotourism. This facilitates the … Read more

Three eco-friendly period products, to fight against plastic waste

eco friendly sanitary products

Eco-friendly period products: Menstruation is part of every woman’s life. On average, a woman menstruates for about 7 years during their lifetime. Based on an average of 38 years of menstruation, women use more than 11,000 disposable menstrual products throughout their lifetime. Most menstrual pads are made from 90% plastic which takes up to a … Read more