Imran Khan’s party PTI wins PaK Assembly elections

How many votes does Imran Khan have?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Imran Khan’s party PTI; Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party is going to form a government in Pakistan-administered Jammu and Kashmir. According to unofficial results of 45 general seats in the Legislative Assembly, PTI has won in 25 constituencies. Opposition Pakistan Peoples Party has won 11 seats and PML-N has … Read more

‘Can decide to join Pak or be independent’: Imran Khan’s Offer for Kashmir

Can decide to join Pak

Ground Report | New Delhi: Can decide to join Pak; Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken a different stance from Pakistan’s stated policy on Kashmir, saying that Pakistan will allow the people of Kashmir to decide whether they want to join Pakistan or be ‘free’. At the same time, India has asserted that Jammu and Kashmir … Read more

Rocket attack on Afghanistan’s capital, Ghani delivers Eid speech

Rocket attack on Afghanistan's capital;

Ground Report | New Delhi: Rocket attack on Afghanistan’s capital; The Afghan Interior Ministry says three rockets were fired at the capital shortly before Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s Eid speech. The attack comes as Afghanistan’s Muslim religious holiday of Eid al-Adha is being celebrated. Rocket attack on Afghanistan’s capital Three rockets were fired around 8 … Read more

Kurt Westergaard, who made sketches of the Prophet of Islam, dies

Kurt Westergaard

Ground Report | New Delhi: Kurt Westergaard, the controversial creator of the Prophet of Islam, has died at the age of 86. Kurt was from Denmark and was associated with a newspaper as a cartoonist. These sketches, made in the mid-2000s, provoked widespread outrage in the Muslim world against Denmark. According to the Associated Press, Westergaard’s … Read more

समुद्र के अंदर से निकला विशाल जहाज, ये है घोस्ट शिप!

अक्सर कई ऐसी घटनाएं होती हैं जो होती तो आम जीवन में हैं मगर हम उनके पीछे की फिजिक्स समझ ही नहीं पाते। या यूं कह लें उनमें एक विशेष प्रकार की फिजिक्स पाई जाती है। जिसे हमारी आंखो से देख पाना असम्भव होता है। ऐसा ही अक्सर समुद्र में देखने को मिल जाता है। … Read more

अफगानिस्तान: 15 साल से बड़ी लड़कियों को सेक्स स्लैव बनाने की तैयारी में तालिबान, आतंकियों ने मौलवियों से मांगी लिस्ट!

Extension of withdrawal of foreign troops unacceptable

Afghanistan: अफगानिस्तान(Afghanistan) में तालिबान का दबदबा बढ़ता ही जा रहा है इसी बीच तालिबान ने एक बयान जारी कर मौलवियों से बातचीत की. इसमे 15 साल से अधिक उम्र की लड़कियों और 45 साल से कम उम्र की विधवाओं की सूची देने को कहा है। खबर है कि तालिबानी इन लड़कियों को को सेक्स स्लैव … Read more

Afghanistan: 90 percent withdrawal of US troops complete

Afghanistan: 90 percent withdrawal

Ground Report | New Delhi: Afghanistan: 90 percent withdrawal; A Pentagon statement said that “about 1,000 C-17 cargo aircraft carrying military equipment have departed from Afghanistan. And much military equipment has been handed over to the Defense Logistics Agency for disposal.” The Pentagon’s announcement comes months after US President Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw all … Read more

Pakistan blames India for Lahore bomb blast near Hafiz Saeed’s house

Pakistan blames India

Ground Report | New Delhi: Pakistan blames India; Pakistan has blamed India for the blast in Lahore near the house of Jamaat-ud-Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed. On June 23, three people, including a policeman, were killed and at least 24 were injured in a blast in Lahore’s Jauhar Town area. Pakistan blames India Pakistan’s National Security Advisor … Read more

Military plane crashes in Philippines, 40 rescued

Military plane crashes in Philippines

Ground Report | New Delhi: Military plane crashes in Philippines: A military plane carrying at least 85 people has crashed in the southern Philippines, the Philippines’ army chief has said. General Sirilito Sobejana told AFP news agency that the C-130 plane crashed while trying to land on the island of Jolo in Sulu province. 40 … Read more

US troops leave Afghanistan’s Bagram airport after nearly 20 years

US troops leave Afghanistan's Bagram

Ground Report | New Delhi: US troops leave Afghanistan’s Bagram; US troops have handed over Bagram Air Base to the Afghan army almost 20 years later. According to a senior Pentagon official, all US and foreign forces have withdrawn from Bagram Air Base.  US troops leave Afghanistan’s Bagram The withdrawal of foreign troops from this important … Read more