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Home » Who was Dr. Vikash Ranjan killed after sharing nude pictures of fiancée ?

Who was Dr. Vikash Ranjan killed after sharing nude pictures of fiancée ?

Doctor shares nude pictures of fiancee for fun, killed in Bengaluru

Story of Bengaluru Doctor Vikash Ranjan: Bengaluru police have revealed a shady act of revenge planned by a 27-year-old doctor’s fiancée while investigating his unnatural death.

The doctor has been identified as Dr. Vikash Rajan, a resident of BTM Layout and Chennai. Vikash completed his MBBS in Ukraine and practiced in Chennai for two years before moving to Bangalore four months ago to train for the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE).

According to the police, Prathiba was upset after discovering on September 8 that Vikas uploaded nude photos of her to Instagram. She had allegedly also shared the images with some of her friends in Tamil Nadu.

Ranjan practiced at a private hospital in Chennai and then moved to Bangalore, where he also helped educate students aspiring to pursue medical courses abroad, in addition to his full-time job at a local hospital.

Prathiba was confronted by Vikas, who had reportedly sidelined him. The couple also quarreled over the issue, after which Prathiba informed his friends Sushil, Gautham and Surya.

Prathipa and her friends Sushil, Goutham and Surya, all residents of BTM Layout and architects, first brought Vikash to Sushil’s home in Mico Layout on the evening of September 10. Sushil, Goutham and Surya then attacked Vikash with a mop, a water bottle and his fists. At that moment, Vikash was seriously injured and fell unconscious.

He was taken to St. John’s Hospital around 4 am on September 11 because he did not intend to kill him. Prathipa told Vikash’s brother Vijay at 5:30 am. m. that he went to his friend’s residence with Vikash and left the house to take a phone call when his friends started fighting with Vikash and assaulted him.

CK Baba, Deputy Commissioner of Police for South East Bengaluru, told the media that Pratibha recently found nude photos of her on Instagram. When she confronted Dr. Vikas, he said that he had created a fake ID and posted the photos “just for fun.” Pratibha was furious and decided to teach him a lesson, police said.

He arranged a meeting at his friends’ house on the same day, September 10, and brought Dr. Rajan. After a few drinks, an argument broke out between them. Pratibha and his friends attacked Dr. Rajan with a mop, leaving him seriously injured, police said. As his condition worsened, Prathibha rushed him to a hospital, but he slipped into a coma and later died.

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