Do you think Exam weather is a thing?

Ground Report | New Delhi: CBSE board exams; Apart from Cold, Hot and Rainy Weather, Exam weather is also a thing, Do you agree? Well if somebody asks you, How’s the weather? You can say that the Weather is Board Exams. CBSE announced that Board Exams for Class 10th and 12th will be commencing from April 26, 2022. No matter where we reach in our lives, the term ‘Board Exams’ will never be not terrifying. 

Even today, if we ask people their opinion we will get thousands of mixed reactions from them. The fact cannot be denied that our school life has always been precious and fun for almost every one of us and as we move forward in our lives we keep on pondering over the fact that School Days were the best obviously except “Exams.”

How we used to crib and cry over the fact always during our school lives that ‘Why Holi falls in the middle of the exams?’ along with our inner feelings that ‘Why does school conduct exams near Holi?’

The only lucky batch in terms of Board Exams was the Batch of 2020, they didn’t have to appear for those threatening exams as the boards were cancelled due to COVID-19. Don’t we all envy them, yes we definitely do but nothing can be done because never in our lives we all have experienced something like this ever before and the situation was so serious that even CBSE had to make adjustments in the policies according to the situation. 

The board then introduced modified policies for the upcoming batches and decided to conduct Boards in two phases; First Phase is Objective and the Second is Subjective. Phase 1’s exams were held during December 2021 and now the exam season has begun as CBSE has announced the dates for Phase 2. 

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On the one hand where people celebrate Valentine’s week while on the other CBSE surprises the students with the notification of exams. This clarifies how much CBSE loves the students.  Alexa play, “What-a-Life by Exo-Sc”

As further moving towards the exam fever, here we bring you some recommendations to keep you cool amidst this Exam Weather. Don’t Panic, we got you all sorted. 

  • First and Foremost Mantra is Not to Panic, No Matter what the situation arises, as it will keep you calm
  • Try to make Schedules and set small targets, try to reward yourself with something like chocolates, pastries or whatever you like, when you achieve a milestone. 
  • One of the most important things that need to be followed is having a fixed Sleep cycle. Yes, sound sleep is extremely important and helps you stay energetic throughout the day. 
  • Power Naps along with some meditation will keep you rejuvenated. 
  • Of Course you can take breaks. Try to follow POMODORO Technique, This method complies with the 50:10 ratio, Study for 50 Minutes and take 10 minutes break. 
  • Make comprehensive notes and write as much as possible because it will help you grasp and retain better.

All these tips will help you in structuring better and more efficiently. With this, We wish you the Best of Luck for your Exams. 

Don’t worry, You Got That!  

Author’s view: No matter how much we strategize things never go right and it is always a task to follow the schedule we make. As the rules are made to be broken, So does the schedule. It will be difficult to stick to the whole schedule throughout the day, it’s okay if the target of the day cannot be achieved, there is nothing to stress about, take it at your own pace and try to achieve the targets as per your convenience. Once you will  get the hang of it, you’ll be able to accomplish the targeted milestones. 

Happy Learning!

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