Dil Bechara: A legacy that will live on

24th July was the day everyone was waiting. This was the day when Dil Bechara, the last movie starring Sanjana Sanghi and Late Sushant Singh Rajput would release on Hotstar. the movie was made available to premium and well as the non-premium users. To which Director Mukesh Chabbra said and we quote ‘So that ‘Many’ could watch it.’

The story which is an official Bollywood adaptation of John Green’s novel Fault in our Stars is the directorial debut of casting director Mukesh Chabbra. It is set in Jamshedpur and revolves around Kinzie Basu and Manny aka Emmanual Rajkumar Jr.

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While Kinzie played by Sanjana Sanghi suffers from Thyroid cancer and struggles with everyday chaos in her mind, distancing herself from the world and her cylinder whom she named Pushpender. This is when she meets Manny in a college fest’s dance performance.

Manny performed by Sushant Singh Rajput is 23, suffers from osteosarcoma and this is the same reason he lost one of his legs. Manny is a character who seems to be happy go lucky, has big dreams but wants to fulfill the small dreams of others, and is a big fan of Rajnikant.

Saif Ali Khan is also in a movie playing the role of author Peter Van Houten. however, there are many changes in the movie including Saif’s role with regards to the original novel and Hollywood adaptation.

There are some scenes that are original such as egg-throwing scenes at the house of Einstein’s ex-girlfriend’s window and the eulogy scene which is enough to leave the viewers in tears.  apart from that, there are changes but the plot isn’t affected by them and they were necessary for the Indian audience.

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The official music of the film was launched way before the movie and is absolutely beautiful. Lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya and composed by the A.R Rehman himself is something worth adding to your playlist. Performances of the movie are absolutely natural. Sanjana Sanghi playing Hazel Grace has matured so much much since her first movie ‘Rockstar’ and has given a wholesome and heartfelt performance.

While Sushant Singh Rajput has played Augustes Waters. Manny played by Rajput leaves a smile on viewers’ faces while giving a huge recall value. He is showcased as a ray of hope from the perspective of Kinsie’s character. The person who shows up when she was ‘losing her mind’ from the everyday routine and waiting for another week without any hope. Unlike the trailer, which shows a typical Bollywood boy, Manny is rather a simple boy who just wants to stay strong and spread happiness.

Sushant Singh is effortlessly charming and his character can make viewers smile when he smiles make them giggles on his silly jokes and absolutely fall in love with his kindness and ability to pour positivity over the dark and dull problems. Apart from the performance, the direction seems to be a little loose but was compensated by the perfectly done casting, music, dialogues, and story.

Some scenes might seem to be little stretched and cuts may seem to be a little abrupt. But these flaws don’t get in the way of the beauty of the tragic love story called as Dil Bechara.

Written by Iqra Razi, She is Journalism graduate from Indian Institute of Mass Communication New Delhi.

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