Differently-abled man ignored at Chaayos Cafe in Delhi  

A man with different abilities had to suffer discrimination in a popular tea cafe called Chaayos in Delhi.

Twitter user Mithilesh Yadav (@mighty_onsway) shared his experience on Twitter as he sat inside Chaayos, Connaught Place.

“@Chaayos CP right now. People working here are ignoring me since I am here. At least for half an hour now. This is totally because I am Blind because one of them just said “galti se aa gaye honge”. Do look into this @Chaayos This is in Connaught Place Delhi”, read his tweet

One user wrote, “The only thing required here is ” Training ” the most important part of hospitality industry. This is not expected from @Chaayos”.

Another user wrote ”A quick response and an apology goes a long way in deinvisibilisation of marginalised groups… Till such time the mainstream catches up on awareness of difference, diversity in communication and inclusion. Then it’s only customer service through and through”.

Another user wrote ”I am so sorry you had this awful experience Mithilesh. @Salujanitin @raghav_ver do better and train your staff. If you don’t know how, please reach out to anyone of us from the community. Make sure this never happens again. And issue a formal company apology to Mithilesh”.

Another user wrote ”why did you not speak up my friend? Do you expect them to assume that you need to be attended? Good that you did not get further humiliated; last time I was standing at a road junction one person gave me 10 bucks! I took it and gave it to someone who asked for it”.

However, Chaayos apologised to him for the experience that he had to go through.

We apologise for your unpleasant experience and the staff’s behaviour. We’re already looking into it. Please share your contact details in a private chat so that we can get in touch with you personally. We’ll definitely make sure that such behavior isn’t repeated.

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