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Delhi’s new Covid peak: 10,774 Covid cases in a day, 65% among youngsters

New Delhi: Breaking all previous pandemic records for the city, Delhi recorded its highest ever daily corona virus infection count on Sunday with 10,774 cases emerging in last 24 hours alone. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that in last three days alone more than 26,000 cases have emerged and the situation in very serious.

Kejriwal appealed to city residents to co-operate with the authorities for the sake of their and their family member’s health. “Do not go out of your house houses unless it is absolutely necessary. We do not want to impose lock-down but we have been forced to introduce many restrictions in metro, buses, restaurants etc,” he added.

Chief minister said do not rush to hospitals unless it is necessary. “We will face a shortage of ICU, beds and ventilators if people start rushing to hospitals. Please do not go to hospitals with mild symptoms. A serious patient can die due to lack of availability of beds. Do not go to a hospital unless it is necessary,” Kejriwal said.

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Kejriwal said that the government does not want to impose lockdown but it may be forced to do it if the hospitals get overburdened.

He added that government wants to vaccinate entire population of Delhi. “65% of new Covid patients are less than 45 years of age. We need to vaccinate on war-footing and all age restrictions should be lifted by central government. If central government removes these restrictions we will be able to vaccinate entire Delhi in 2-3 months,” he added.

Kejriwal said that this is not the time to politicise the matter. “This 4th wave is very dangerous and we should all come together to fight it,” he added. CM said that people sometimes say that they are tired of wearing masks but this fatigue can cost lives. “are doctors and nurses who are serving in hospitals not tired? This fatigue is not allowed if we wish to overcome this 4th wave of Covid in Delhi just like we managed the last 3 waves,” he added.

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