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Home » Debate erupts over Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s ‘small clothes’ statement

Debate erupts over Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s ‘small clothes’ statement

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Ground Report | New Delhi: Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan is in the headlines these days for an interview in which he also expressed his opinion about the small clothes of women from America, China, Afghanistan, Kashmir. Imran Khan gave this interview to ‘HBO Axios’. Jonathan Swann, who was doing the interview, also asked Imran Khan about the practice of blaming rape victims in Pakistan.

To this Imran Khan replied that “If a woman wears very little clothes, it will affect the man.” Commenting on the US military action in Afghanistan, Imran said in this interview, “Pakistan will never allow the United States to use its territory for military action in Afghanistan.” When asked about the Uyghur Muslims, Imran said, “Our talks with China will always be behind closed doors.”


In this interview with Imran Khan, he was asked for clarification on his old statements on purdah and rape victims, then he said that “All these are nonsense, I only talked about the idea of ​​purdah. We have neither disco nor here. There are nightclubs. This is a totally different society with a different way of living. If you increase the temptation here and the youth will not have a chance to go anywhere, it will have some consequences.”

After this Jonathan Swann asked Imran if he was talking about wearing women’s clothes? So he said, “If women here wear very short clothes, then it will definitely affect men unless they are robots.” When Imran Khan was asked whether he is saying that clothes encourage sexual violence, he said that it depends on which society you live in, if no one has seen anything So it will definitely have an effect on him.

Jonathan also asked Imran that when you were a cricket star, you had the image of Playboy, to which he said that ‘this is not my talk but my society’s thing. I think about our society how to behave. When we hear about sex crimes, we discuss how to end it.’ There is no doubt that interviews of the Prime Minister of Pakistan immediately become the center of discussion on social media, where people give their opinion in favor and against him.


However, a few months ago, Imran Khan blamed obscenity for the rise in sexual violence in Pakistan. Legal expert Reema Umar said about his statement on women, “It is disappointing that Prime Minister Imran Khan is holding women victims of sexual violence in the country responsible.” But on social media, a person on behalf of the Prime Minister responded to Reema Omar’s tweet, saying that “they were talking about what kind of society we live in and sexual frustration in our society.”

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